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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 "Wounds"

Oct 9, 2019 by hellocat

*It鈥檚 been a month since Cora and Ida had saved Hayleigh and her people from Reg's Camp. Both Hayleigh and Julie are 8 months pregnant. Currently, Eve, Ida, Cora, Abraham and Topaz are out hunting. Topaz comes across a walker which she takes down with a swing with her knife, Eve bends down and checks the walkers pockets. They find a picture of the walker as a human and there new born baby and a lighter, At the village; Shaun and Liam are picking crops as Hayleigh and Julie are having a cup of tea. Both Rowland and Paul are playing Chess, Paul gets checkmate*

Rowland- Well played my friend well played
Paul- Easily the smartest person here by far haha
Rowland- Would have to disagree but well played
*They look towards Julie and Hayleigh*
Rowland- We鈥檙e running out of time, they need a doctor
Paul- We鈥檒l find one don鈥檛 worry

*Scene cuts to the laboratory at Reg鈥檚 Camp, Sandra is inside and the door is barricaded, banging for it to open are walkers*
Sandra- Seems like I鈥檓 the last one alive. *Chuckles* that something to be proud of.
*The door starts to break, a zombified Julian is the first to enter, Sandra looks down*
Sandra- Oh, poor thing.
*Sandra fires one bullet at Julian head and another at the walker next to him, Sandra runs out of bullets and the Walkers are surrounding her*
Sandra- Seriously Sandra! After 52 years on this earth, 20 years of torment and abuse and 5 years of gun training and you can鈥檛 get out of this.
*The walkers are inches away from her when suddenly Sandra gets picked off from above up to the roof*
Sandra- What the- Who are you?
Woman- I鈥檓 your Guardian Angel, come on.

*Scene cuts to the farm, where Shaun and Liam are harvesting crops*
Liam- Shaun! I know your upset that we didn鈥檛 get to be able to kill Reg but at least he鈥檚 dead! Shaun!
Shaun- He Murdered our sister! How can you let him get away with that?! I fucking thought you were a police officer
Liam- I am Shaun
Shaun- You should鈥檝e stuck a bullet into his brain when we had the chance
Liam- And when was that huh?! Was it when we had no guns or if we were going to Julian would shoot one of us, either way we would鈥檝e died if we killed Reg, I did the best thing for the two of us!
Shaun- I bet your not even upset about our sister being brutally murdered
*Liam turns around*
Liam- What did you just say! What did you just say to me!
*A walker is walking up to Liam and trips him up*
Liam- Aah!
Shaun- Liam!
*Before the walker could鈥檝e bit Liam Shaun shoot them in the head, Rowland and the others come*
Julie- What happened?!
Rowland- We heard a gunshot being fired
Shaun- Liam was attacked by a walker, I shot them
Paul- Jesus! You okay Liam?
*Liam Stands up* Yes I鈥檓 okay
Rowland- Right I鈥檒l take the baskets if food, Liam can you go inside and Paul may you take Hayleigh and Julie inside the village, they need rest
Hayleigh- We鈥檙e fine honestly
Rowland- You need to rest
Julie- Come on Hayleigh, let鈥檚 go.
*Paul, Liam, Hayleigh and Julie walk off into the distance, Shaun starts to walk off but Rowland stops him*
Rowland- Can I ask you for a favour
Shaun- Depends what it is
Rowland- I need you to pass over your gun please.
Shaun- No, that鈥檚 mine
Rowland- It鈥檚 just for the safety of everyone
Shaun- What by making people defenceless?!
Rowland- You do understand that walkers from a 1 mile radius could鈥檝e heard that, they may be walking this way right now for all you know Shaun. I need you to pass over your gun immediately, it鈥檚 so we do not get overrun by walkers
Shaun- We鈥檝e got the bunker
Rowland- That鈥檚 only going to last a little longer
Shaun- I don鈥檛 feel comfortable with this.
Rowland- Listen to me, if we alert a walker of walkers maybe even people for all we know, if they hear it and come our way, that puts us in danger, it puts the two pregnant women in danger, we need to put our people first and finding a doctor is at the top of the list
*Rowland passes Shaun a knife*
Rowland- Instead of a gun you鈥檒l have a knife
*Shaun reluctantly passes his gun over*
Shaun- Ida, Hayleigh, Topaz and Abraham better have there鈥檚 taken away as well
Rowland- Thank you, I am holding a meeting tonight to discuss the matter.
*Shaun walks away, Rowland looks at the dead walker, then he picks it up and moves it into the outskirts of the village*

*Scene cuts to the forest, the women and Sandra are walking through the forest*
Woman- Your lucky I found you when I did, you would鈥檝e died a second later
Sandra- Where are we going
Women- Are you alright with walking 5 miles, that鈥檚 where my base is set.
Sandra- Sorry for asking another question but who are you?
Women- Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you who I am, my name is Parisa, yours?
Sandra- Sandra
Parisa- Lovely to meet you Sandra
Sandra- So where鈥檚 your group?
Parisa- I鈥檝e been by myself most of the time, don鈥檛 really like company
Sandra- Then why did you save me?
Parisa- Why not? Keep good Samaritan alive
*As they carry on walking two walkers come out of nowhere, Sandra pulls out her gun*
Parisa- No!
*Parisa- grabs the gun then chucks it into the river*
Parisa- Use your knife
*They both take out walkers, Sandra with a pocket knife and Parisa with her Fire axe*
Parisa- Phew we survived
Sandra- Yep, let鈥檚 head north
Parisa- No, the place I want to be is to the west
Sandra- North is safer trust me, my brother Reid is there, he is a soldier
Parisa- You seriously believe he鈥檚 still alive
Sandra- yes, he is
Parisa- You鈥檝e been locked up in there for most of the outbreak,trust me you don鈥檛 know what it鈥檚 like. It鈥檚 horrible and harsh out there. I had to watch my girlfriend be devoured by walkers, my whole group be shot by bandits. Half of the population is dead and even if Reid is alive *she looks down* he would鈥檝e changed like the world harsh and horrible
*Parisa turns around*
Parisa- Let鈥檚 get out of here

*Scene cuts to a village house, Rowland has rounded up everyone, it鈥檚 dusk and Paul and Liam are sitting on the only chairs*
Julie- Can I sit down?
Liam- There鈥檚 a seat down here
Julie- Thank you
Paul- You need to sit Hayleigh
Hayleigh- No thanks, I can stand
*Paul remains in his seat as everyone else returns from hunting*
Ida- We heard gunshots come from the barn
Ida- What happened
Shaun- Liam got attacked by a walker, I shot them
Eve- Gosh!
Topaz- You okay Liam
Liam- I鈥檓 fine okay
Abraham- Julie! Baby, you alright
Julie- Yes honey *they kiss* Feel a bit under the weather though
Rowland- You two can be excused
Julie- Thank you, I need to sleep
Cora- Night
Abraham- Night guys!
*Abraham and Julie exit the room, Topaz whispers to Cora as Hayleigh steals the chair. Eve twirls her knife in her hand, Rowland makes a start*
Rowland- We need a leader we need someone to make the decisions around here, I don鈥檛 want to put myself forward but I think the easy two candidates are Abraham or Ida
Liam- I don鈥檛 mind doing it
Eve- Hold on, I thought we make decisions together
Rowland- There could be 10 different opinions If we held a democracy, a dictatorship is the way to go here. A democracy will get is killed 1 by 1
Hayleigh- But isn鈥檛 our humanity part of democracy
Ida- Yeah, What if we don鈥檛 agree with the decisions
Rowland- if a majority of people believe that the leader hasn鈥檛 been doing good for the sake of all of us on multiple accounts then they will be overthrown from power
Paul- How do we decide
Rowland- A vote between Abraham and Ida
Cora- Isn鈥檛 that a democracy
Eve- Leave me out of it
Topaz- Me too
*Abraham bursts through the door exhausted and looking worried, Paul immediately stands*
Paul- What鈥檚 happened
Abraham- Who has training in delivering babies
Ida- I studied childcare
Abraham- Come with me
Hayleigh- Wait what鈥檚 happened?!
Abraham- It鈥檚 Julie...  She鈥檚 in labour

*Scene cuts to the river, a figure picks up the gun that Parisa threw, it turns out the figure is Reg. Unbeknownst to him, a walker such snuck up behind him and took a chunk out of his arm*
Reg- Agh! Shit!
*Reg manages to shoot the walker in the head, he goes to a tree. He grabs a knife from out of his backpack and starts hacking at his arm, he screams in pain whilst doing so, eventually his arm comes off and he faints due to the pain in the nerves, Parisa and Sandra walk up to him*
Sandra- Oh gosh
Parisa- You know him?
Sandra- Yeah, he鈥檚 um my husband. No ex-husband
Parisa- Oh...
Sandra- Hope the bastard is dead

*scene cuts to the bunker, Julie is being rolled on a operating table by Rowland and Paul, also down there are Topaz, Hayleigh and Abraham*
Ida- Right the baby is in a difficult place that鈥檚 why you are bleeding so we鈥檙e going to do a C-Section
Paul- That'll kill her!
Ida- I know Paul, unfournately without a proper doctor or anaesthesia she won鈥檛 survive at all, I鈥檓 so sorry
*Almost everyone in the room starts crying except from Topaz, Abraham falls to the floor in shock, Rowland lifts him up*
Julie- *Holding his hand* Listen to me Abraham listen. Being your wife is the second best thing in the world and you know what the best thing in the world is.. this baby. I need you to promise me that every day you are alive you make sure this baby is, cause I鈥檒l never see my baby boy or girl get there first boyfriend or getting married. I鈥檒l never meet my grand child but I need you to live my life for me. Be a dad and a mum to our little girl and please please please do not be upset.
Ida- We need to perform it now if you want the baby to live
Abraham- *in tears* I don鈥檛 want to lose you!
Julie- *crying* No one ever does, but we all will lose someone closr to us but in this case it鈥檚 so worth it cause you鈥檙e going to have a beautiful kid. I love you Abraham
Abraham- I love you too Julie *kisses her*
Hayleigh- I can鈥檛 look * she walks out*
Julie- *looking at Ida smiling* I鈥檓 ready do it
Ida- Okay
Topaz- Bye Julie
Rowland- Good luck
Paul- God bless you
Julie- Thank you, Paul please tell Eve that I love her like a sister
Paul- I promise
Julie- She was the first person me and Abraham encountered, she saved our lives
Ida- I鈥檓 going to start
Julie- Bye Abraham
*Ida grabs a knife and slits her tummy, Julie screams in agony and quickly passes out, Topaz checks her pulse and nods slowly*
Topaz- She鈥檚 gone
*By the time Topaz removes her fingers from Julie鈥檚 neck, Ida has the baby in her arms, Abraham looks up*
Ida- It鈥檚 a girl
Abraham- Oh my god! Can I hold her?
Ida- Course you can
*Ida passes the baby to Abraham, Topaz takes out her knife and stabs Julie鈥檚 head preventing reanimation*
Rowland- what a beautiful thing
Paul- *Giving Ida a death stare* I鈥檒l go give everyone the bag news
*Paul exits*
Topaz- She鈥檚 so cute
Ida- Did you decide on a name?
Abraham- Julie always wanted to call our girl Hannah
*Rowland puts his hand on Abraham鈥檚 Shoulder*
Rowland- That鈥檚 such a lovely name
*Abraham walks up to the stars with the baby, a shooting star shoots past in seconds*
Abraham- See you soon Julie.


Very sorry for the cringy yet emotional ending! Here are some questions so I can have feedback

New Season! Any hopes and expectations?:
Who is your favourite character?:
Same question but least fav?:
Your reaction to Julie's Death and Hana's Birth?:
What will happen to the other pregnant woman, Hayleigh?:

Every episode will come out every 2 days so

Episode 1: Thursday 10th October 2019
Episode 2: Saturday 12th October 2019
Episode 3: Monday 14th October 2019
Episode 4: Wednesday 16th October 2019
Episode 5: Friday 18th October 2019
Episode 6: Sunday 20th October 2019
Episode 7: Tuesday 22nd October 2019
Episode 8: Thursday 24th October 2019
Episode 9: Saturday 26th October 2019
Finale: Monday 28th October 2019

October is scary after all #CASTING

Tagging people who might be interested, if you are not please say and I will remove you ASAP!

If you are interested and would like to be tagged please ask and I will add you

Hope you enjoy season two!


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