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  1. So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie.
  2. To anyone with Bipolar
  3. Getting a birthday blog together
  4. Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night.
  5. I am leaving.
  6. No title
  7. No title
  8. So I have been gone for two days, let the drama..
  9. Four months and a Maybe Fiance
  10. So Counting the days till Ella gets here? lol.
  11. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. Stars support
  14. Doing my one and only 700th game Charity.
  15. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine.
  16. Letting yourself be vulnerable can be very..
  17. 3 months down and a million more to go
  18. Twas the night before surgery, and all threw the..
  19. When some trash multie runs there mouth?
  20. Stars support
  21. Halo, cause babe your mine.
  22. Thinking of doing my one and only Charity game?..
  23. when someone lets you in and it changes you?
  24. No title
  25. Stars support
  26. Ella, my love.
  27. A big shout out to all my friends.
  28. When everyone is on tg Bashing another and I'm
  29. Stars support
  30. About as straight at a motherfucking circle...
  31. Lets make amends.
  32. My Princess.
  33. Someone in shops post a back ground please?
  34. Tomorrow is 2 months for us.
  35. Missing my Girlfriend.
  36. SO its been 50 Days and were still going strong.
  37. Am I the only one?
  38. And again I find out the hard way that there are..
  39. Sorry Gabs, My fault you did shit in your comp.
  40. So instead of ruining things, I'm going to face..

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No title Dec 8, 2018
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So I have been gone for two days, let the drama unfold. Dec 8, 2018
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Four months and a Maybe Fiance Dec 6, 2018
image Shadowman

My Princess Gabriela,
Happy four month anniversary. Its been an amazing four months. I have laughed, cried, smiled, blushed, cussed, and just about ever other emotion. We are complete opposites but they say opposites attracts and its true for us. Your my princess. The frogs I have had to kiss to get to you? Well they don't matter. Thank you for being my calm storm and my hurricane. Your eyes babe. Those blues get me every damn time. Your half smile. Your smart ass. Your cute ass lol. Your voice when you sing random songs. I'm in it for the long haul. Grab on to me and I'll grab on to you and never let go. Love you more!

71 more days and I get to kiss you hand.
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So Counting the days till Ella gets here? lol. Nov 28, 2018
I'm at 79 days. Cant wait for the big day. The day I finally get to hug my Princess. The day I get to hold her hand.


I love you more.
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Being an adult sucks sometimes. Nov 24, 2018
Just because its right doesnt make it easy. Rolls my eyes. I wish I could go back to my chocolate milk box and cookies lol.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Nov 22, 2018
With all the hate in this world, on this site and in out everyday lives I wanted to take a moment and say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I'm truly grateful for you all. This site is more than just a sight to me, it has been a big huge learning experience and for that I will always be grateful. I have met some amazing people, I have met some not so amazing people and I have met some downright vile people but each one of them have taught me something whether it be damn I want to be like them or hell no I will never be like them but each one is a lesson. I want to take a moment and say thank you to a few special people.
#Slutlake #RainbowLake #SmileMore #JibstersFamily
2388 lazeric firewolf

shadowman Thank you for always having faith in us and thank you for being by my side for the last three and a half months, I can't wait for the rest of our lives wishing you were here next to me so I could teach you how to cook or better yet I'll cook and you can just sit there and look pretty, something you're oh so good at! Love you more! #Hella #HellaForever #FutureWife #RedneckInTheMaking
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