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When some trash multie runs there mouth?

8thOct 29, 2018 by heatherlum
mda03  theese two appear to be his multies. Check it out clinkclink josephhh2768  carson86pierce admin

So not only are you a racist but your a trashy ass troll too? Talking shit about my girlfriend? Really? How funny. I'm fine with you talking shit about me. Your not worth my time but talking shit about Ella? That's a mother fucking line that I don't like crossed.

So you can make fun of the love that her and I found all you want you Jelly ass pos troll. What we have is real and in 19 weeks I'm asking her to marry me. When you know, you know. Its not my fault you have no life and are a Ferger and deadshit.

As for us having online sex? Ohhh doggyknobbing gutter skank we don't have to. We have cleared many a chats. I like my collar yanked like the good bitch I am. Don't get it twisted. Her and I are for real.

Go back to your trash can errr dumpster and leave us alone.


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damn Heather has CLAWS
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Heather snapped
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Honestly my Scissors are shaking
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