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Date night with Bugs again and the movie made me angry.

Sep 3, 2018 by heatherlum
So shadowman had another good idea for a movie. This one made me angry. Boys don't cry is the movie. I wont tell what happens but it makes me angry. Trans people get a lot of shit. They often don't live there truths because the world wont accept it. Well EllaBug fuck the world and anyone who does not agree with your truths. Your an amazing woman and person. I'm falling more for you each day. You make me smile and blush. Your heart is huge.

Tonight we talked about some major stuff and I'm sitting here thinking that we my dear, have one hell of a chance to make it. I'm looking toward our future and its bright.

Ellabug, we got this. I knew from the first word you said that I was a gonner. Love you tons Princess. Forever and always, Angel.

P.s. Beauty, brains and the beast. I get all three. I'm the luckiest woman alive.


heatherlum i'm so in love with you, it's unreal <3
Sent by Shadowman,Sep 3, 2018
shadowman Bugs, im on my way. Snow red lol. Your perfect and amazing.
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 3, 2018

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