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  40. SO its been 50 Days and were still going strong.

Pyn for an Honest oppinion of you. Be Careful of what you wish for.

7thFeb 23, 2018 by heatherlum
imageWhy not?

Maxi1234 I dont know you but I did check your page and It seems like you have a lot of people that love you. Thats a good thing on here. I like a few of your friends and You seem like a legit great person. We should do a casting soon.

youndandreckless I have seen you around a bit and you seem nice. You seem fair and funny. I would love to get to know you better. I did vote you for a few things. Your friends list is impressive.

maturo Joe I miss talking to you. A shit ton. I miss you on call with psych unit. I think your amazing and adorable and sweet. Your make me laugh. You can always come to me if you need anything.

Raonic I dont know you but i doubt your an idiot. Your rank is impressive. You have one of my besties on your friends page. Laz. So you must be ok. Also your blogs are great.

s73100 Sam- Your a great person. Thank you so much for keeping me posted on Wes. I know that if he is friends with you, You have to be one hell of a guy. Also you make a great addition to the Psych unit chat. Thanks for being there.

BengalBoy  Dru- Damn your voice but you cant handle my smart mouth. You can try but not quite do it. You like to make people smile and I admire that in you. Your a delight to be around and my only issue is we dont talk nearly enough. Yes I am a cheeky Bitch.

TaraG Tara- I love you. We have been in the same circles for a long time and I do consider you a friend. We used to talk a whole lot more. Im sorry. Forgive me Doll. Your loyal when we work together and I admire that in you. Stay you Queen.

thewolfman G- You are one of my kids on here. I love you as such. Your a challenge to me but I promise I will never give up. Your a source of smile and anger at times lol. I miss you a lot. Please know Im always there. Your an amazing and sweet kid. Im proud of you!!!!

lazeric Laz- Damn we have gotten close. I am impressed with you. Your young smart and funny. Ohh and a ladies man. Your make me laugh a lot. If you ever left the chat I would cry. I think we talk more then anyone else. When I needed a friend most you were there. Thank you a million times over. Keep it up!!!1

Danny12 Danny- I remember when we first talked and honestly I dont quite remember why we stopped. I hope you know that not matter what I'm here. if you want my skype hit me up. Your a great kid. I wish you nothing but the best of luck. .

Beastboy Aka Justin- Hmm where do I go. I dont know you all that well but your my the chat so your one of my the crew. Your funny and sweet. I will always support you. Get on call with us nuts sometimes. Your may like us.

sloth_roman  Your name makes me think of Roman Reigns anyways I cant read you at all. over then your friends list. There are some nice people on it. Congrats on blue level.

Kaylabby  I have seen you around and you seem cool. You have a simba on your head--massive points on that. Long story- Your funny at least your blogs are. Were both real chicks so thats amazing,

justme First off your avi is the best. Damn Sue she is smoking lol. Second I love your quote about the apple tree, its deep. I think we should play a game together soon. It would be an honor.

spikedcurley Greg- So much to say in such a little space- Your amazing. My giant hippy friend. Your one of my main reasons for staying on this god awful site. Your make me smile more then anyone. I am honored to have you a friend and cant wait for the trip- lol- you know the one in 3 years 3 months or so lol. Dont chicken out.

goodkaren Karen- Thank you for your positivity. Your always being nice and kind. Your a a a reminder that there is good in this world and on this site. Your 11:11 wishes are a reminder to believe in something bigger then myself. None of them have come true yet but its for the best. Thank you Goddess.

tcold312 Thomas- I miss you a lot. Your a sweet kid. Please hit me up soon and if you ever need to talk let me know. Im here.

bamold1999 Tyler- I was soo scared of you but I was stupid to be. Your the best. I always think your jenna on call. Its funny. Your a hoot to talk to and I know that we ever play stars together again we must be on the same side the whole game. Your have become a true friend. Stay amazing.

thumper91 I have nothing but good things to say about you. I dont know you personally but we have seen each other around and I cant think of anything nasty or mean. Your a sweet girl and have amazing taste in guys lol.

iybf I know we were in stars together and not on the same team. That sucks. I wish you the best of luck. For some reason with you my memory is fuzzy but I do have good feelings. So that means your not an asshole like some from this site.

XxloveWakizaxX - Your one funny ass chick. Your blogs are just the best and your profile pictures are super pretty. You have always treated me with respect and I appreciate that. Your friends list is small but powerful. Smart move.

adamloveseverything - apparently not everything including cbb. Im with you on that shit. hell no. So lets seee I cant find shit about you. So lets be friends and tell me something.

jackedgeakatheedge Your choice of friends is steller. Mark is amazing. Your must be a great person. I think we need to play a casting with him soon.

maddog16 - Your a sweet person. Your always being kind. Tg needs ten of you. Please keep it up. We have a bestie in common. Greg is the best so can we share him spikedCurley Im sure he wont mind.

Grrrimabear Patrick- Your one of the kindest people on here. A true good person. You and Sadie are the cutest couple I know. Your always trying to make people smile. Thank you for helping me make friends in the frat and for making me feel welcome. Thank you for the gift. I love it.


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raonic: i don't know you but you seem like an idiot
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Sue me
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