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  1. Anyone wanna go on skype call?
  2. Pyn for an Honest oppinion of you. Be Careful of..
  3. Public Service Announcement
  4. Quit playing the Victim. We all know your not.
  5. Panic attacks suck
  6. Going to miss the thought of you.
  7. Gift me the lily rose met gala from Paradise life...
  8. there have no been 18 school shootings in 2018
  9. Anyone with a mental illness beware.
  10. Who wants to cause trouble?
  11. Just a warning
  12. Love this song
  13. anyone want to talk tea? skype
  14. Happy Birthday Joe!!!!
  15. I have an Idea. People mind there own effing..
  16. Happy Valentines day!
  17. this song is just something
  18. Pulling myself out of the hole im in
  19. Who wants to join the psych unit chat?
  20. When you want to message that one person but wont
  21. Am I the only one who thinks CBB sucks?
  22. Bored
  23. Ask me lots of questions and ill tell you no lies
  24. Can't have it both ways.
  25. Bored? on Skype? Come join us
  26. Stars support. bluejay7622 aka Wes,
  27. Stars Tributes
  28. Save TJ2807 is stars
  29. A big thank you for the support in stars!!! Save..
  30. Anyone wanna go on skype call?
  31. Save me for fith is stars Please?
  32. Choices
  33. Anyone want to go on Call?
  34. Prologue done
  35. Happy Birthday Mar aka 2388
  36. Ty you all for your kind words and Stars suppor.
  37. Imagine dragons are the bomb.
  38. Should feel bad lol but i dont
  39. This song is so rellevent to this site lol
  40. I have the skype comment. Im not a liar.


Feb 9, 2018 by heatherlum
My family does not understand why I love tg so damn much. I am home a lot so I could sit on my ass and watch tv. That's fun for a bit. Or I could get on here and talk to people. Listen to whats going on in there lives and try to help and at the same time learning about different kinds of people and cultures and life styles. The way I look at it is that I could make a difference in one persons life. Just an off chance but I could. And what if for that one person all they needed was a positive word or voice. What if they were having a day from hell and all they needed was something. I want to think that I could be that something. So for now and the future that I see Tg your stuck with my old ass because I love you all.


Im sorry but you cant turn being on tg into a good thing keep in mind child pornagraphy , Negrofelia , and photographs of dead babies graze this website made for children 13 and up
Sent by Arizona_,Feb 9, 2018
Yah I've been on here since 13 and it taught me a lot of stuff LOL But I feel movies also taught me a lot too (culture wise).
Sent by Danger,Feb 9, 2018
Fuck this site, I'm only here for the cheap entertainment.
Sent by BigMamaT,Feb 9, 2018
Arizona_ Well there is negative stuff every place. I am not saying this site is all fun and game. What i am saying is that we all have choices. One can choose to be a part of solution or part of the problem. Its all up to you.
Sent by heatherlum,Feb 9, 2018

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