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Prologue done

Feb 8, 2018 by heatherlum
Babe I cant believe that tomorrow your going Bri. What am I going to do with out you?” Harmony asked.

“Harm you going to take care of the lake for me and promise to come up fishing. Your going to work and take care of my baby. Your going to take care of your self” Brian told her as he picked her up and put her on the tale gate of truck. He pushed her legs out and leaned in between them pulling her head down for a kiss. Tears started to fall from her face. Brian kissed them away. This was there last night and they were at there lake. The place they would raise kids and build a house. Get married even.

“Harm don’t cry babe. I love you. I’m coming home to you. I promise. I need you to know I have a ring. I want you to marry me but want to wait till after I’m back. But know I’m taking it with me. I’m going to carry it everywhere. You will always be with me Harm. And I want to always be with you.” Brian told her as he took off his dog tags and placed them around her neck. Picking up the front of her shirt to let them fall between her breasts. She put her hand over them and leaned further into him. There foreheads touching.

“Bri you are my night in camo clothing. I need you. When you get home we don’t wait long. Promise me. A short engagement. Please? All I need is you. I don’t need anyone else. I love you. I want babies. Lots of them.”

“Harm, Short engagement. We have been living together what two years almost three. I say we know we were headed. What do you want to do? Walk or go home?”

“Take me home Bri. To our bed. Hold me. Love me. I am going to miss this but are you sure about the whole emails only thing? How about one Skype call a week? Or one a month even?” Harmony pleaded.

“Harm I think this is easier. So were not always wondering if out phones are going to ring. I love you lets go home. Before you know it our home is going to be here. I cant wait.” Brian told her as he picked her up and sat her on the seat of the truck. Then got in himself. The hour long ride Harmony just held him close. Knowing that tomorrow at nine am she would be on her own for nine months for so. She almost wished she was pregnant now but knew there plan to wait for marriage was right. Brian respected her and that meant waiting. When they reached the house he picked her up again and only put her down on there bed. He striped her naked and then himself. She climbed under the covers holding open for him. She had no clue how she was going to sleep with out him. The pills again. She hated those damned things.

“Harm talk to me. Your looking far away again. This is the last time I’m leaving. I’m done. Please know I don’t want to go. I love you babe. Your it. Let me hold you. Kiss you and just let us be for tonight.” Brian pleaded with her.

“Bri Just I’m just scared. I am trying so hard. So very hard to be strong. I don’t know Bri. I don’t know. Please Just hold me. I want more but I want your arms. Hold me super tight. Don’t let go till you have to. Please” Harmony told him tears going down her face. Brains heart broke even more. He would give anything to not be the cause of her pain but he signed up to be a soldier. A marine. Tonight he was her man. Her strength. Tomorrow he put on his uniform and became something different. A stone faced soldier. He had no clue how he was going to make it with her as well but he had to stay strong for them. She was the love of his life. The woman he held in his arms was perfect for him. He was one lucky man. He looked down at her and tried to memorize her features burning them into his mind. She finally fell asleep around three and Brian woke her at eight. They made breakfast together but never ate it. Instead they spent the time holding each other. At nine am the taxi showed up.

“Harm I love you. I’m coming home to you. I promise you. Please. Give me a kiss. A good one.” Brian said lowering his head. She gave him what he asked for then handed him a package.

“Bri this is for you. Its a book of sorts. It our love story. Pictures of us. Our lake. Our home. It all. Don’t forget me Bri. I love you more then life. Come home to me!” Harmony said to him. She had promised she would not cry this morning. She didn’t. He got into the taxi and waved to her. When it drove away she lost it. She went into the house and tossed the food, grabbed his hoodie and his keys and got in his truck. She headed for her bakery. Knowing that she needed to bake. Going in the back door she found Momma C there.

“I just need to bake. Just let me. Brian left and I cant. Lets just, lets just” Harmony got out before she was wrapped in a hug. When she was done crying she was handed a warm towel and then went to baking. She only finished when Momma C pushed her out the door at ten pm. Locking the door behind them. Harmony went home and went straight to her room, not stopping to eat. She knew she would not hear from Brian for a few days and that meant one thing. She would spend those days from dusk till she was kicked out at the bakery. Doing what ever needed to be done. Being at the house was a reminder of them. How she could not have him. How he was not here with her. Her soul felt empty. Some how she would make it threw this. She just was not sure how. She laid down on his pillow and let sleep take her. Praying it was him she dreamed of and not the nightmares.


why do they say each other's names so much
Sent by Finnick,Feb 8, 2018
finnick i dont know but it does seem odd. Will fix it. Thank you for the comment.
Sent by heatherlum,Feb 8, 2018

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