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Speaking my truth. What now.

Jan 31, 2018 by heatherlum
imageI dont normally respond to bull shit that gets posted or said about me but this time is different.

                                                     I am
A rape survivor
a domestic violence survivor
suffer from ptsd
anxiety attacks
not rich
a smart ass
have jacked teeth. gotta love medications
not straight

                                                           I am also
a mom. Mathew is my life.
A wife. Dave is my husband
A mom to some on here
a sister
a friend to most
a daughter
an amazing cook
an advocate for animals
an advocate for people with mental illness
a bitch-wear that one proudle

                                                       I am not
a pedofile
a child abuser

These are my truth's say what you want. I speak mine. I don't hide them in the closet so what now.


You're pretty
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