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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

The boredom is real

5thMay 9, 2021 by harrywasnak
PYN for some compliments or something idk
#noobsmoke13 ilysm my bisexual thing thanks for believing in me
#tundrahenry101 you’re honestly so fun to talk to and you’re really genuine (I still don’t regret my jury vote hehe)
#Galaxies we haven’t talked in ages but your blogs are usually so funny lately
#GerardoM13 ew Jerry smelly :( jk it’s actually been really getting to know you icon
iSandeh why couldn’t we be partners on Rivals I know we would’ve ate the girlies up
crimsonteer you know you’re my bestie so thanks for always being a real one
abstractjay you’re like actually so funny and I’m glad we got to meet
barbrastreisand omg ily and the way you’re about to win stars
padfoot I don’t think we’ve interacted in a while but you gave me 0.1T$ so enjoy my stars support
MelindaMrskk you’ve been eating up stars this week so gl
thirteen the king of horror you know ily
Washed_Ravioli let’s be friends I’ve wanted to be friends with you LOL
sjsoccer88 my dad and the most robbed player in Crash Pad history <3
iiCreazyGX I don’t think we’ve talked but you seem cool so hmu anytime
Pinkiepie512 you always keep it real and you’re so much fun to play games with... you know ily
j2999 gamebot king I’m bullying you into playing Crash Pad All Stars
GrrrImABear Patty Daddy you know you’re one of my closest friends on here and I’m so proud of you for winning your first group game
zorbo678 you’re an icon and a great friend... you have my full support this week (and always) xx
SmoothStalker12 you’re the only person whose spam I consistently plus <3
Singsongers my fave messy flop xoxo
kennel123 I will bully into playing all stars I don’t care if ur busy uwu
cbasscordero literally my dad please make me some scrambled eggs 👉🏻👈🏻🥺
Boots22 ur always really wholesome please get to know me more bby
Bvance1212 omg daddy billy when is our meetup
Arris it was so much fun running a final with you even if we flopped king
FireX you know I love you but I’m still bitter you made me lose Prestige
Kiara_XOXO you’re so much fun and you were one of my first friends in this community <3
Tommeh208 I remember I used to really like you back in the day! Hmu sometime king!
Jessie_ I miss playing games with you babe <3
KingGeek you always keep it real and you bring so much great energy to this community I have a feeling we’ll get to know each other a bit better soon :)
CoachWade you know I love you <3 shoutout to you for being an enemy turned friend. You’re so genuinely compassionate and I need that energy.
@Honaluelue I don’t think we’ve met but your avatar is killing the game
hamburgerbunzz nobody can work a cowboy hat like you <3 keep slaying babe
burgta01 I don’t think we’ve met but the gif on your profile made me laugh:)


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i guess
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why not
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omg me
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grrr grrr grrr
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me :)
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Me whore
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why not
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Me pls 🥺
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me pls bb
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