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PYN for a rating

Mar 20, 2015 by harrywasnak
of how well you would do on BB, Survivor & TAR. Stealing from Davidftw123


BB: 15/16: The other houseguests would likely get annoyed by you & evict you early.

Survivor: 17/20: You tribe would win the first few challenges, but you would be an early boot off of the tribe for not pulling your own weight.

TAR: 12/11: You wouldn't be able to find a partner


BB: 3/16: You be a robbed queen. Your biggest ally would get selfish & keep the floater over you.

Survivor: 8/20: People would realize that you were a threat & blindside you.

TAR: 4/11: You & honeybunch1 would be a team. You would get stuck on the detour & lose a footrace to the pit stop.


BB: 11/16: You would be blindsided right before jury.

Survivor: 6/20: You would be too eager to go to rocks & draw the bad rock.

TAR: 8/11: You would get U-Turned because you were a strong team.


BB: 6/16: You would ultimately be realized as a jury threat & evicted.

Survivor: 18/20: You would spend too much time alone & be voted out in a failed attempt to flush an idol.

TAR: 3/11: You ultimately wouldn't be able to pull from when it matters most.


BB: 16/16: You would be evicted early for being kind of shady.

Survivor: 13/20: Your tribe would throw a challenge right before the merge when they realize you are playing them all.

TAR: 10 of 11: You would get stuck on a roadblock & take a penalty. The other teams would get there first.


BB: 2/16: You would take the wrong person to the end.

Survivor: 9/16: When the merge comes you would not be able to get in the majority & be the last of your alliance left.

TAR: 5/11: You would go for the fast forward but another team would beat you to it.

Espeon (#Dak236)

BB: 1/16: You would own the jury questioning.

Survivor: 19/20: You would screw up in the challenge & your tribe would lose.

TAR: 3/11: You would get confused on the last roadblock.


BB: 14/16: You would drag down the morale of the house.

Survivor: 20/20: Your tribe would get rid of you for weak challenge performance.

TAR: 9/11: You would get yielded.


BB: 6/16: You would be excluded from a big alliance.

Survivor: 7/20: You would be in the minority & get voted out in a revote after a split.

TAR: 8/11: You would not U-Turn a team that was close behind & they would beat you.


BB: 9/16: You would piss too many people off

Survivor: 13/20: You would get overly stressed & quit

TAR: 10/11: You would get injured & have to leave the leg to get medical help


BB: 4/16: You would be at the bottom of your F4 alliance

Survivor: 3/20: You would play a cutthroat game & upset the jurors

TAR: 3/11: You would fail to complete the last detour.


BB: 13/16: You would be put up because you were a floater

Survivor: 13/20 (RI): You would get voted out & lose the RI duel right before the merge

TAR: 1/11: You would outrun another team in a race to the finish.


BB: 2/16: You would not answer jury questions well

Survivor: 9/20: You would piss the wrong people off.

TAR: 4/11: Same as #Kiara_xoxo


BB: 5/16: You would be too nice to take out a big threat

Survivor: 7/20: ^^^^^^^^^^^^

TAR: Same as nikw98


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Me although I know already
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mE plz
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BB: 9/16: You would piss too many people off

that is insanely accurate
Sent by Davidftw123,Mar 20, 2015
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TAR: 1/11: You would outrun another team in a race to the finish.

hah no i live on Twinkies XD
Sent by kgunzrok,Mar 22, 2015

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