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18thDec 30, 2019 by gumball221520
We have made it to the SPOONS S4 FINALE!!! Here is how the final vote will work. the 3 finalists will be put in a poll. Your job is to get your favorite player as many votes in the poll as you can! When this blog expires I will post another with the WINNER results! GET TO VOTING!!!

NOTE: You are not saving your favorite contestant with a SPOON. it is a poll vote!


1. Cadden
2. mbarnish1 -S1 8TH/S3 10TH-
3. CalebDaBoss

17th: PoisonedHeart
16th: turkeylover -S3 5TH-
15th: TheLeon -S3 15TH-
14th: Jonster -S1 7TH-
13th: Eclipse9
12th: chillum -S3 6TH-
11th: Bomby
10th: Amnesia_ -S1 6TH-
9th: adamgrant
8th: melindaMrskk
7th: nateclove -S2 4TH-
6th: Rubes
5th: Lifeiscool
4th: Jameslu
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Sent by galore,Dec 30, 2019
vote me x
Sent by Cadden,Dec 30, 2019
Plz vote for me :D
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Dec 30, 2019
Hi guys, could you please apply for my group it is new to tengaged. The format is that op 12 contestants will fight it out to impress the 3 coaches. They will rate each performance out of 10. After that all the bottom 3 acts will be put up against the public vote and the acts with the lowest amount of votes will be in the sing off.  will be in the bottom 2 and face sing off. This will be judged by the coaches. This will carry on until the final 3 where we will have our finalists and only the public have the power to vote for their winner.
Sent by aliumair1,Dec 30, 2019

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