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Dec 30, 2019 by gumball221520
Give a spoon to your favorite in the comments(Or tag them). The last player without a spoon will be eliminated! Good Luck (If you are in the game you can save yourself also!) DON'T BE LAST TO BE GIVEN A SPOON!

P.S: You may only tag 1 person or yourself(I'm gonna be posting these a little more frequently all depends on how fast each round goes)

1. Cadden                                    (SAVED 1ST)
2. mbarnish1 -S1 8TH/S3 10TH-     (SAVED 2ND)
3. CalebDaBoss                             (SAVED 3RD)
4. Jameslu                                            -

17th: PoisonedHeart
16th: turkeylover -S3 5TH-
15th: TheLeon -S3 15TH-
14th: Jonster -S1 7TH-
13th: Eclipse9
12th: chillum -S3 6TH-
11th: Bomby
10th: Amnesia_ -S1 6TH-
9th: adamgrant
8th: melindaMrskk
7th: nateclove -S2 4TH-
6th: Rubes
5th: Lifeiscool
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Jameslu, you have been eliminated from SPOONS S4!
Sent by gumball221520,Dec 30, 2019

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