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Dec 7, 2019 by gumball221520
We have made it to the SPOONS S3 FINALE!!! Here is how the final vote will work. the 3 finalists will be put in a poll. Your job is to get your favorite player as many votes in the poll as you can! When this blog expires I will post another with the WINNER results! GET TO VOTING!!!

NOTE: You are not saving your favorite contestant with a SPOON. it is a poll vote!


1. SmoothStalker12
2. systrix -S2 9TH-
3. Girllover101 -S2 13TH-

15th: austino15fffan
14th: TheLeon
13th: 13bam
12th: RedsKanto
11th: Raynil05 -S1 5TH/S2 2ND-
10th: Weetmaster
9th: aria_grande -S2 3RD-
8th: mbarnish1 -S2 8TH
7th: FireX -S2 5TH-
6th: chillum
5th: turkeylover
4th: AntonB
#Castings #Fastings


Lmao I never make finals in anything, lol look @ me
Sent by Girllover101,Dec 7, 2019
I was rooting for AntonB the most <333333

But at least systrix made the final 3 <3
Sent by Tester,Dec 8, 2019

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