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Escape The Night Board Game! Jul 14, 2020
So, if you guys don't know Joey Graceffa has informed us that he is making a board game based around his YouTube Red show Escape The Night!

If you don't know what Escape The Night is let me inform you on what you are missing out on!

Escape The Night is a YouTube Red show were a bunch of You tubers are invited to a dinner party. As soon as they get there they find out that there is an evil that they must destroy. In order to gather missing pieces to destroy the evil, the group of You tubers must  vote 2 people into the death challenge were 1 of them will die. This continues until either they all die or they defeat the evil.

Now, there is a board game!! I am so excited to own this game and play it for myself!

If you wish to get the game yourself I will link it down below to were you can buy it!

Tell me in the comments below what you think about the board game!

Link to Escape The Night Board game:
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Is it just me Jun 18, 2020
or is anybody else getting bored with tengaged? I come on here maybe once a day and don't know what to do. When I join a fastings I usually get booted first by multies, when I join Castings nobody talks anymore. There is just nothing new to do around here. People don't join group games anymore either. It's just boring

But that might just be me.
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Gumball's Survivor | Season 3 APPS OPEN! (The Bahamas) Jun 17, 2020
It's time again to start a new season of Gumball's Survivor! This season we are going to The Bahamas! This season 18 people will take on one another in the battle for Sole Survivor!

If you wish to play all you have to do is click the link below, join the group, send me an application and your in!

I hope to see you guys apply!

S1 Borneo: SmoothStalker12
S2 Panama Exile Island: Washed_Ravioli
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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars? Jun 9, 2020
So, if you all aren't aware, Us Weekly has said that CBS might be working on a Big Brother All-Stars 2 for season 22! If this happens I will be so excited to see who gets casted to play and what will go down.

I personally hope that it is All-Stars since we haven't really had any special season were former houseguests comeback since season 14 were Ian took the win. I think it is time that CBS gives America what they want, and that is an All-Star season!

Who do you think might possibly walk through the Big Brother House doors if it is an All-Star season? I am going to be giving you my Top 20 houseguests that I want to see walk into the Big Brother house;

#1- Brittany Petros (BB1)

I personally would love to see an original funny person such as Brittany to walk back into the house. Even though she has never experienced Big Brother like it is today, I find it pretty obvious it won't take her long to figure it out.

#2- Donny Thompson (BB16)

I feel like Donny would bring the friendly side of Big Brother back into the house. Donny could have won BB16 if he played his cards right and I was 100% rooting for him. If Donny appears on my screen I would freak out!

#3- Janelle Pierzina (BB6/BB7/BB14)

I don't even have to explain why I want to see her in the house again. GIVE HER THE WIN ALREADY!!!

#4- Dick Donato (BB8/BB13)

I want to see Dick come back just for the fact that in his last season he had to leave the house. I hated him at first and then I thought it was unfair that he had to go so early but I hope he was alright.

#5- Amy Crews (BB3)

This southern bell needs to go back in the house were she belongs. I really want to see her get a 2nd chance at this game, well 3rd chance if you count her being evicted then re-entering the house.

#6- Will Kirby (BB2/BB7)

I hate to say it but I want to see him back in the house again. I hate him so much that I would love to watch him again just so I can hate someone all season until they get rid of him at Final 4 again XD

#7- Elissa Slater (BB15)

Elissa needs to come back purely for the fact that she was only targeted because her sister is Rachel Reily. She is so sweet an innocent but will slit anyone's throat if needed to. BRING BACK ELISSA!!!

#8- Tommy Bracco (BB21)

I think Tommy would be an amazing houseguest to bring back. He is nice, kind, generous, but can't talk strategy like a MAD MAN! If Tommy returns I will be rooting for him all the way!

#9- Alex Willett (BBOTP)

I think Alex deserves to come back because she got done dirty in OTP Big Brother. Give her a chance on actual Big Brother and I am sure she can make her way to finals.

SPOILER ALERT! Btw, congratulations to her for WINNING Sequester Mini (USA VS CANADA!)

#10- Frankie Grande (BB16)

Oh Frankie, I want to see him back so bad because he was an amazing houseguest the last time he played. If he comes back and Caleb is there, I can see them GOING AT IT trying to get one another out!

#11- Danielle Reyes (BB3/BB7)

I think Danielle needs to comeback so she can Finally claim the crown for herself. She has always been my favorite houseguest and nothing will change my mind. (Except for Janelle)

#12- James Zinkand (BB9)

I know he probably wont be back due to a certain adult things he has done, but we can all hope right? I want to see him back just for his crazy hair XD

#13- Rachel Reilly (BB12/BB13)

She might be back bitches! Can we go 1 season were her an Brandon aren't together? I know they are an amazing couple, but I want to see what she can do without him!

#14- Marcellas Reynolds (BB3/BB7)

Bring back this Drama Queen please! I love him so much! He is funny, sweet, and kind, but fierce as EVER!

#15- Helen Kim (BB15)

I want to see Helen come back because I feel like she can do more than she has before. If you give her a 2nd chance, she will not disappoint you! Also, her and Elissa in the house together would be ICONIC!!!

#16- David Lane (BB4)

If CBS wants a comp beast, I think David would be a perfect candidate for that. If David returns everyone better watch out for the nice guy.

#17- Vanessa Rousso (BB17)

Vanessa should have won BB17. I'll leave it at that

#18- Paul Abrahamian (BB18/BB19)

I would love to see Paul either take the win or take a placement other than Runner-Up! If he re-enters the house he will be running the house like he always does. Periodt!

#19- Amanda Zuckerman (BB15)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring her back! I hated her at first but she slowly started ti grow on me! If it wasn't fr McCrae, she would have made it further, just sayin.

#20- JC Mounduix (BB20)

I would love to see this little fire cracker back in the house. If he would have won that HOH I feel like he would have won BB20. I want to see him back just to see if he has what it takes to do it again!

Do you agree with my list of potential houseguests? If not, comment down below who you would like to see in the house!

I hope this All-Stars speculation happens cause I have been waiting since 2006 to watch another All-Star season!

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This is now my new Spirit Animal Jun 9, 2020

Can anyone relate?
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Is it just me Jun 5, 2020
Or does anyone else want to see and All-Winners season of Big Brother US? I would 100% watch that!
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