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  1. Hey
  2. under new managment.
  3. anyone play civ5?
  4. paw pa paw wee?
  5. fuck you
  6. oh gabub
  7. Stars support:
  9. every time i come back to see whats up here
  10. guys
  11. I am over sex
  12. Hey guys!
  13. Hey guys! New cover
  14. I havent really been around on tg in long time
  15. My grandma passed 2 hours ago.
  16. if someone drains you on snap
  17. for those of u that have heard me sing
  18. feels like i stepped in gum
  19. im straight btw
  20. anyone here watch big brother or survivor?
  21. Hey tg! I sang a little bit tonight
  22. feeling pretty depressed and alone rn
  23. if ur texting someone
  24. Yeah so i was driving in the snow
  26. im bored ;)
  27. Yay!
  28. should i come back?
  29. Happy thanksgiving!
  30. me:
  31. hi tg
  32. Someone play wizard101 with me
  33. warning do not look at my previous blog
  34. anyone wanna join my sky level charity
  35. who was posting porn?
  36. For every +1000
  37. thinking about smuling
  38. just slayed the PSAT
  39. im winning the battleback
  40. THANKS 44.1% (also stop trying to neg push me)


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Hey Aug 27, 2019
A while ago my account was taken over by someone. I got it back within half an hour but I kinda forgot about tg. Offline for 131 days I checked in and I didn't like what my last blog was. Even though no one remembers me and I've been on and off absent for maybe 2ish years now, officially goodbye <3
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under new managment. Apr 13, 2019
this is what you get for sheeping ethan000
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anyone play civ5? Mar 14, 2019
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paw pa paw wee? Feb 16, 2019
goba doba lubapsi keekstob
bloombow chuffa cop. beep bap
rubba noba bop bip
cop cip
nobee okayzees boppaluhromana
clexomanim storfphanbup
oh gub
oh gabub
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fuck you Feb 1, 2019
knew i shouldve flipped sides
to all of you out there, never trust this fucking rat
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oh gabub Jan 21, 2019
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