Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Sep 14, 2020 by giovannimaxroma
I don't have a problem with liars, backstabbers, hypocrites in order to advance in the game, or even people who coast! I have a problem with people who are hypocrites in the dr and lie in the dr!

For example, all of the shit Dani said about Memphis not acting in the best interest of the group with his noms when earlier that week she decided to not play in the safety suite in her own self interest, not for the group.

Example number 2: Giving Memphis shit for calling David a rookie and then calling him a rookie 2 seconds later.

Example number 3: Day lying in the dr that she never tried to flip the vote on David when she clearly did and every feed watcher knows it. I love Day, but her sitting in the dr talking about how she would never go against him due to him being black and then trying to get him out by the end of the week rubbed me the wrong way for sure...


It's not a surprise that people lie in the DR. If we're voting to give one of them cash at the end AND potentially powers, why WOULDN'T they lie? It's an issue with production and not having the game be COMPLETELY independent from the audience.
Sent by Loopspeare,Sep 14, 2020
The fans know the truth, and it just makes you look like you think the fans are idiots... it's insulting to us that care about this show
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Sep 14, 2020
i would agree but (at least with big brother) i give them a BIT of the benefit of the doubt with the DR's specifically because they absolutely push fake shit just for the sake of the tv episode storylines. to go one step further/expand on that point similarly what annoys me is when people have these FAKE dr personas and they (think they) know how they are being portrayed and then play that up when their actual actions and how they play paint a completely different story ie nicole
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 14, 2020
absolutely I agree Splozo it's insulting to lie to us as fans... (wall yeller)
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Sep 14, 2020
They used to talk about the banner planes and wall yellers on the show back in the day :(
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Sep 14, 2020
They do talk about it but production cuts the feeds
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Sep 14, 2020
I know but I mean on the tv show they used to not hide it
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Sep 14, 2020

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