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CBB Rankings After Ep 2

Feb 8, 2018 by ghrocky100
This episode was a big mess due to it being both sexist AND political. I agree with the statements made by Keisha where supporting Trump is worse than supporting Cosby but then she said you cant compare fruit. Omorosa is fake and is just putting on a front that she doesn't like Trump for the cameras, and everyone is an idiot except Ross as they are giving him a very obvious winner edit.
1. James (0)
2. Ross (0)
3. Keisha (+6)
4. Ariadna (-1)
5. Marissa (-1)
6. Chuck (-1)
7. Mark (0)
8. Shannon (+1)
9. Metta (-3)
10. Brandi (+1)
11. Omarosa (-1)



plussed because 1. James
Sent by ashszoke,Feb 8, 2018
well that's an obvious one, been a rusher since 11 ashszoke
Sent by ghrocky100,Feb 8, 2018
im giving this blog a big -11!
Sent by Obstreperous,Feb 8, 2018
plussed! I really hope that James doesn't go home!
Sent by Aerodynamics,Feb 9, 2018
Bruh big brother doesn't have edits...they have stereotypes...

It's not sexist's just a gender war with no discrimination what so ever. Politics is always a factor in these sort of games so you can't say it's too political when the goal is to make friends and vote for people...
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 9, 2018

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