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  1. This sucksssssss
  2. So is this getting fixed soon?
  3. She told me put my heart
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  10. My final video
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  13. Gn everyone
  14. You can have some of my nuts if you want
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  23. Thank you so much for the gift
  24. Probably going to see
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  27. It's weird to think
  28. The Masked Singer Predictions
  29. Who was eliminated last night
  30. Although Ricky played better than Tamar
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  32. Will we hit game 200000
  33. Imagine supporting someone transphobic
  34. I feel terrible :/
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  40. Repost Lauren's Blog

Anyone mind looking over my poem?

Feb 8, 2018 by ghrocky100
I'm taking creative writing and I wrote a poem due tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone wanted to look over it for me?


i'll read it
Sent by sarada,Feb 8, 2018

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