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♡ CHRIS (christossss) ♡

8thSep 29, 2017 by garrievans97
#crayadian jillian parker

#roshy dad!

arris my terror jr buddy king of good taste in music. most similar taste to me! Can't wait to meet up with you in London sexy king love you!

thumper91 slap me with ur tits mommy <3 also thank you for listening to my life problems when i randomly come to you you're the tengaged mother!

iigalaxyii bestie king luve u talking to u good u give good advice and like words ur fun to be friends with! You've been really supportive of me and thank you for listening to me rant about my life and boy troubles. Thanks for being a great friend glad to have you as my #1. Your catchphrase "it just sucks" is iconic and I love/miss going on calls with you king! Thank you for defending and advocating for me all the time. You're my biggest cheerleader! Know that I love the color pink, there's no innuendos it's exactly what you think.

#goodkaren queen of cat gif

notnicky333 u make me laugh so much ur so iconic get ur own reality show

deeannamorgan idk if u and my wife are friends now but if so yay queen if not ok...

marwane Aladdin who? Marwane is the tru hottie of the land. king of lounge exclu and saying i need a record deal

manniboi stars was fun with u!

#AuthentikkXXlll idk u

geazybeast21 hot rapper boy

kaseyhope101 my christian sister from another mister i love talking to you queen esp. about survivor and shady

AllieBoBallie QUEEN ur legit just naturally iconic and funny i wish we talked more!

iYBF I LOVE ANTHONY MCFARLANE. You're my favorite tengager and I'd like to thank Flickgamecolin for adding me to Classy Chat so I could meet you and everyone else there. You're super hot, handsome, funny, and really fun to talk to! You're so funny on call and you make me laugh a lot with the iconic things you say and the ways you say it. I love how our conversations range from just talking about our lives to lowkey throwing shade and teasing each other. The best in me loves you even if the worst in me doesn't want to! Can't wait to hang with you again when I come back from Europa!

MrOrange890 LOL I just met you, but you're dating my best friend and you're kind of an icon and ur super funny on call. Hope our friendship can continue to grow!

jflora18 Honestly, I forgot exactly how we met (I think it was UDecide), but you have become one of my closest friends on this site. We have basically bonded over our disastrous complicated boy problems! Thank you for listening to all my random ass boy problems when I come to you with them and I'll always be there to listen to yours lol. You're also super funny on call and I love our friendship dynamic. I ship u and ur man!

s73100 we talk very sparsely (i think that's the right word LOL) but i think i have u on snap and i hope you make final 3 in stars king! You're kind of iconic

2beastly king of dentistry and being obsessed with will traitor even tho u can be a bitch @ times

renny10 I HAVE QUESTIONS FOR YOU! Shady rat (but in actually ur rly funny and i luv when u react every way possible on skype messages LMAO)

titoburitto I love you king! We started off as enemies cuz rozlyn turned us against each other cuz you were his sheep and you didn't like me flirting with 900 people LOL. But I'm glad we put our differences aside and now we are best friends! You're honestly my closest friend in the Lounge Exclu. You're super funny on call and we can rant about our personal lives. Love ya tito burrito. We will always bond over wanting Kyle's and Will's dick and telling each other our secrets that we usually don't expose to the Lounge.

#M_Davis1998 i think we played stars one? u seem nice

Brayden_ ghost w/ stick legs (jk u know i luv u)

Mickiejames22 i've heard ur name around i just don't remember where we might have played a game together at one point?

carlo_costly yas @ +4+

MarieTori Montana slutty nurse! We met because you commented on one of my PYN's and I mixed you up with Maryland and said you were asian and then I saw how you actually looked and was like oooooh. It's a shame you've been replaced by Will Traitor as the Lounge's hottest twink. But anyways, I love being your friend, whether it's you throwing shade/teasing me or actually checking in on me when I have one of my stupid emotional breakdowns. Love ya Twinkerbelle :*

deshonBANNEDisback happy late birthday "boyfriend". You're part of the basics squad and I love talking about music with you. You're super funny and a great friend! It's iconic when you randomly attack people in the chat but it's all in good fun. Love ya dumbshon.

Stunzer I also just met u last night. king of monopoly

PanicAtTheDisco I assume this is adelelover! King (even though you backstabbed me in Survivor Boca Boca smh) You're super iconic and really confident for your age which I admire. King of prank calling and roblox

semajdude why wasnt i tagged?

MrBird My fellow Johnny Mac lover/fan. I'm glad we met in the midnight crew because you're really funny and iconic. And we share a similar bestie

streamxx you're super sassy and a crazy bitch and even though we argue a lot we're still friends. We started off as friends, then were enemies, then were friends, then were enemies again, and now we're friends again (i think)

BengalBoy I love it when you tickle my chin. You are a kind lad and I love speaking to you and going on call with you. You are my tengaged father

Sweez the love of my life! I would literally die for you. I love you Skyler king you're honestly so nice and iconic and I love talking to you! You are human perfection and you're so attractive. Thank you for introducing me to Loote's iconic song "Out of my Head". I'm glad we can bond over our mutual love for Jillian Parker, psychology, and good music. Can't wait to talk to you even more and become even better friends king! Love ya <3


good move
Sent by Crayadian,Sep 29, 2017
yay thanks love u ! grats!
Sent by Roshy,Sep 29, 2017
Congrats :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Sep 29, 2017
Congratulations! You're a big boy now Garrison.
Sent by Arris,Sep 29, 2017
robbed of a tag
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ok ok
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Um.. Hello?
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My boyfriend <3
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me. Adam. Your fave that has like 83 accounts.
Sent by PanicAtTheDisco,Sep 30, 2017
Wow ur such a badass mr
Sent by semajdude,Sep 30, 2017
Wow me me me
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I literally would die for you
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