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18thOct 14, 2021 by gabrieltrezza
So...... i have insomnia and can't really sleep -- Although i am prescribed some medicine to treat it, sometimes i just forget to take it and then its too late -- but uh i couldnt sleep at night and now i have to drive 14 hours to Boston today, will adderall keep me awake if i take it?

ps: yea i know its not right to take adderall like that but a boy gotta do what he gotta do


Admir usually is the one answering these questions but he aint responding so i had to come to
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Oct 14, 2021
hugs sorry i can’t help i don’t know anything about adderall  WAIT actually my friend takes it (prescribed) and she said it makes her energized and and made her feel v productive and motivated

but if you aren’t prescribed maybe don’t take it and just have some red bull
Sent by ItsAlexia,Oct 14, 2021
please be careful 🤍🤍 it could be dangerous driving that long while sleep deprived
Sent by Jengaged,Oct 14, 2021
sounds rough :[
iv never taken adderall so i’m not sure bestie. when i drove 15 hours to colorado i tried a few things to stay awake. i really liked caffeine pills, 1 pill was equivalent to a few cups of coffee. i also tried drinking 5 hour energy’s but they tasted awful and irritated my stomach
Sent by ItsAustin,Oct 14, 2021
the driving to long distance aint rlly a problem for me ItsAustin i do it quite often. But i never tried staying 2 nights awake LOL
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Oct 14, 2021
hugs u :(
Sent by J2999,Oct 14, 2021
love u :(
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Oct 14, 2021

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