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The epic Blog of all time :p

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Join frooks. Dec 9, 2019
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Hello Tengaged Public Nov 30, 2019
My name is flyshan, but my friends call me fly! I am a 21 year old dancer, and decided to return to tengaged to play a stars. Ik I am not as popular as some of the users, but that doesnt mean I dont play a good game! I recently lost my mother to a terrorist attack, and would like to dedicate this game to her. I am a loyal, honest person, and am very transparent with my gameplay. I have many friends outside of tengaged that will be helping me with this game, as I heard that sleep is not allowed in this game. I ask that you, the tengaged public.. give me a chance. I also play this game for my cousins Bertha and Louise, as I lost them to obesity earlier this year. Please support the movement #FightingObesity #HonestandLoyal
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Hey Hey Jul 30, 2019
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who wants to hunger with me Jul 21, 2019
yes, we can slay together
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who wants to go on a merge streak with me Jul 21, 2019
i’ll carry you in challenges or whatever
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So proud of yall Jul 20, 2019
Saving the Hof ! bamold1999 Lemjam6
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