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Some Secrets Are Best Kept In The Dark 2 Chapter 1:Starting Anew

Aug 13, 2019 by flamergamer8
EMTs flood into the underground tunnels to locate the bodies. Samuel, Zach, Nolan, and Anya are escorted out on stretchers one by one. However, when they reach Daniel, one of the EMTs find a weak pulse. Frantically he waves for his colleagues.

EMT:We have a live one over here! Someone give me some help!


~September 26th, 2019, 8:00 AM~
The Mayor of Riverton stands at a podium. Behind him is the newly renovated Town Hall building. The Mayor waves towards the citizens and he even takes a couple of photos. Today  wasn't only the anniversary of the deaths that started the massacre, but today was the day that the town of Riverton was finally going to start anew. There were policemen on both sides of the Mayor, and after adjusting his tie, he started to talk.

Mayor Carter:My fellow citizens, thank you for coming here today. Today is bittersweet, as it marks the 1 year anniversary since the massacre began. But today isn't about the past. Today is about the future, and it is the culmination of a year's worth of rebuilding. Not only our beautiful city, but our hearts as well.

Carter takes a moment of silence before continuing.

Mayor Carter:That is why, starting today, a memorial will be built in front of Riverton High to honor the 21 lives that were caught in the devastating path of the Riverton Reaper. We also have brought in a brand new police force. From Des Moines and Davenport, volunteers from other Districts have stepped in to help keep watch over the city. I would now like to take the time to introduce to you the new Sheriff of Riverton, Jacob Coulter!

People clap as Coulter takes the podium, and he humbly waits for them to quiet down.

Coulter:Thank you, really! When I saw what happened on the news last year, I wanted to do whatever I could to help rebuild this town. You have all gone through so much, but I assure you that as long as I am here you can rest easy tonight, and every night moving forward

Suddenly one of the reporters pushes forward towards the podium. Much to the Mayor's disapproval, she asks the new Sheriff what is on everyone's mind.

Amanda:What if the Reaper is still living in Riverton, hiding among us?

For a moment, there is silence. The Mayor leans in to try to shoot down her question.

Carter:Well, uh the Sheriff doesn't have time to answer that-

Coulter holds a hand up to silence his boss. He didn't mind the tough questions.

Coulter:If the Reaper is still here, I will find them no matter what. This town, and it's citizens, has plenty of secrets. You can't hide a thing from me…


Daniel Myers is sitting upright in his Hospital bed watching the conference on the TV. A look of irritation is plastered onto his face as he watches his successor speak. On the other side of the curtain he hears a woman speak.

Amiyah:So I guess they're just retiring you then? Just like that?

Daniel sighs and he pulls the curtain back to see his roommate.

Amiyah isn't even in her bed, she's standing next to it while she watches the TV.

Amiyah:That woman is right though. He never left us.

Daniel sighs and he takes his eyes off of the TV. He's heard her "story" countless times before.

Daniel:So what if you were attacked? Why wouldn't he finish you? Why let you go? And why you specifically?

Amiyah:Guess he can't handle a real woman…

She pulls a cigarette from her purse, contraband that she snuck in. She lights it with a lighter and she nervously glances back at the TV.

Amiyah:Today is the anniversary. It all started a year ago today. I have a bad feeling about tonight..


~11:00 AM~
Plastered all over the walls of the school are flyers with Kathryn's face on them. Under her picture on every flyer has 'Vote for Kathryn' in bold, black lettering. There is even a flyer on Vera's locker. Vera and Mitsuko stare at it for a moment before Vera rips it off. She shoves the crinkled flyer into Mitsuko's arms and she glares at her.

Vera:I thought that the new girl wasn't going to put a dent in my campaign? YOU said that she wasn't running!

Mitsuko cowers and she takes a step back. Vera can and has ruined lives of several students before. Mitsuko was already in a bad way, she didn't want things to get worse.

Mitsuko:I-I'm sorry! I didn't know! I can fix things!

Vera's glare didn't break. When Mitsuko stepped back, Vera stepped forward.

Vera:You better. You know the deal, if I don't become Student Body President, your social life is OVER!

Vera turns and storms off in a huff, leaving Mitsuko alone in the hallway to cry alone.


~2:30 PM~
Casey is in the middle of class when she sees something in the corner of her eye. A man dressed in black standing at the Bus Stop. He is facing her direction. He appears to stare at her. Alex bumps her softly with her shoulder which makes her jump. Alex laughs, having not expected to bother her.

Alex:Hey...Casey you seem a bit trippy. You aren't under the influence are you?

Casey laughs and she turns to Alex, quickly dismissing what she saw.

Casey:No, I was just daydreaming I guess. I'm sorry

Alex laughs again

Alex:All good! I just want to hear your thoughts on what we should do for our project. If my clan finds out I am failing in any of my classes im gonna be toast..

Casey smiles and she looks down at her notebook. Nothing was written down, which was quite unusual for her.

Casey:I am still brainstorming. Who do you want to cover?

Alex:Well, I don't know. I'm gonna be honest Case, I had some Devil's Lettuce earlier. I can't feel my eyelids.

Casey rolls her eyes and she laughs. The final bell rings to signal the end of the day.

Casey:How about we pick up later? When you're 100%?

Alex nods

Alex:Sounds like a plan..!


~6:00 PM~
Austin is spray painting the back wall of the School, making some sort of mural. Evan is watching on with curiosity.

Evan:So, what are you doing?

Austin looks back at Evan and he rolls his eyes. Usually he has this time to himself.

Austin: I'm working on a new art piece. Want to help?

He points towards a duffel bag full of cans and Evan walks over to it.

Evan:I mean, I guess I'll help. I've never vandalized before

Austin stops spraying and he walks over to Evan

Austin: I'm not "vandalizing". I'm just, expressing my feelings through Art. I like performing for a crowd, and I can't do that with notebook paper..

Evan nods and he grabs a can of Red Spray Paint.

Evan:Alright. So what are we drawing?

Austin grins mischievously

Austin: You'll see..


~8:00 PM~
Amanda storms into her father's office after rushing by his secretary. She was obviously fuming about something. When she walks in, Carter is sitting at his desk doing paperwork. He looks up at the commotion and he smiles

Carter:Amanda! My baby girl, it's so good to see you! How have you been?

Amanda folds her arms in front of her chest. The act wasn't going to work this time

Amanda:Cut the shit dad. I watched the video of the conference. You completely edited my questions out! I thought we've been over this, you can't ruin my career!

The Mayor stays eerily calm, even while his daughter raises her voice.

Carter:I have a job too. I am trying to rebuild this city, and I don't need these people listening to your conspiracy theories. The Reaper is gone, and you need to stop telling people different.

Amanda shakes her head

Amanda:You don't have proof that he's gone

Carter:And you have proof that he's here?!?

Amanda's expression changes as she does her best to backtrack. Her evidence was a journalistic instinct.

Carter:Exactly. Now get the fuck out of my office, and stop trying to scare people out of my town. The last reporter that was as ambitious as you was found dead in the tunnels underneath the school.

Amanda was appalled. Was her father really threatening her?

Amanda:Dad, is that a threat..

Carter:It can be whatever you make it to be. Now get out of my office, I'm busy..!


~10:00 PM~
Jeremiah is sitting on the bus by himself. An olive colored backpack is slung over one shoulder. He checks the contents over once again and he smiles when he sees the mask.

Jeremiah:Soon. We'll finish what we started…"

The bus stops and Jeremiah tips the driver before getting off. The first thing he sees when he steps out is the Green sign and in big white lettering are the words


Wolven6974/Jeremiah Peterson The Riverton Reaper
Shawn Bell/The Jerk
Daniel Myers/The Old Guard

~New Cast~
Todd Hall/The Unhinged
Casey Atwood/The Nice Girl
Adrian McKenna/The Introvert
Logie56/Austin Morrison The Delinquent
Jacob Coulter/The Sheriff
Courtney Miller/The Rookie
Amiyah Miller/The Survivor
Brett Hopkins/The Athlete
Amanda Carter-Jones/The Reporter
Dominic Velasquez/The Biker
David Carter/The Mayor
ShaneDawson12345/Julian Mackson The Quiet Kid
Bigdizzleyomama/Evan Campfield The Goth Kid
NewNightmare7/Mitsuko Takako The Victim
Kaseyhope101/Kathryn Layne The Cheerleader
Symmetry888/Vera Vermillon The Bitch
Indiybomboo/Alex Watts The Hippie

1.Predictions on the Season?
2. Favorite or Least favorite Characters so far?


Well I'm guessing the old cast will be killed first

So far I like Evan and I having seen Julian soooo he's right now least
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 13, 2019
Take Julian back fuck vera mitskuo alone
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 13, 2019
Iconic i can’t wait to see what happens <3
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Aug 13, 2019
Liking it! Interested to see what "clan" Alex is a part of :p
Sent by Indiybomboo,Aug 13, 2019
vera man
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 13, 2019
Favorite Character? Jeremiah, of course.
Predictions? Well, its so early that its kinda too early to predict in my opinion
Sent by Wolven6974,Aug 14, 2019

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