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Some Secrets Are Best Kept In The Dark(Season 2 Apps)

Aug 9, 2019 by flamergamer8
~Returning Cast~
Wolven6974/Jeremiah Peterson(Olsen) The Riverton Reaper
Shawn Bell/The Jerk

~New Cast~
Todd Hall/The Unhinged
Casey Atwood/The Nice Girl
Adrian McKenna/The Introvert
Logie56/Austin Morrison The Delinquent
Jacob Coulter/The Sheriff
Courtney Miller/The Rookie
Amiyah Miller/The Survivor
Brett Hopkins/The Athlete
Amanda Carter-Jones/The Reporter
Dominic Velasquez/The Biker
David Carter/The Mayor
ShaneDawson12345/Julian Mackson The Quiet Kid
Bigdizzleyomama/Evan Campfield The Goth Kid
NewNightmare7/Mitsuko Takako The Victim
Kaseyhope101/Kathryn Layne The Cheerleader
Symmetry888/Vera Vermillon The Bitch
Indiybomboo/Alex Watts The Hippie

Season 2 will be more interactive and more immersive. Before every episode I will mail you a choice. One might be good, or both. However, if you make the wrong choice, you put your character at risk of death.

This will start from the Prelude, and I will mail choices shortly after the episode is up. If I don't get a response in 24 hours a choice will randomly be selected for you.

As far as characters are concerned, you can either take over one of the characters above

If you create a newer character, you'll have more freedom creatively, however you might not be in every episode.

If you pick one of the characters above, you might not get as much creativity with the character, but have a higher chance of having a major role in the series

Below is the basic application for a character

Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc):
Traits(3 good and 3 bad):


Name: Julian Mackson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): the quintet kid
Bio: after his farther zach Mackson died he started digging around for the real secretes that lie beneath it
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): he's nice and kind and vengeful

His bad traits is that he's determined, will kill if he Jas too and he's not Shameful
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 9, 2019
Name: Evan Campfield
Sexuality: No labels
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): The Goth Kid
Bio: Evan is your stereotypical goth kid who doesn’t like to play by the rules. Smoking, drinking, swearing he does it all and doesn;t give 2 fucks about it. He often can be found behind the school vandalizing something and if he isn;t doing that he is practicing his signature dance to some punk music.
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): Moody, Intimidating, Antisocial, Nonconforming, Petty, Smartmouthed
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Aug 9, 2019
Name: Mitsuko Takako
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): Bullied girl
Bio: Mitsuko has lived a  very cursed life, from abuse at home to constant bullying, shes just waiting for her chance to take control.
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): Good - Pretty, smart, independent. Bad - Only cares about herself, a bit psychotic, manipulative
Sent by NewNightmare7,Aug 9, 2019
Name: Kathryn Layne
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Only been in relationships with men, but is open minded to anything
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): The Cheerleader
Bio: She isn't a basic popular girl, she is smarter, and is less judgmental. But, she is still VERY cliquey. She moved to town a few years ago after her parents divorced. She wants to go to a prestigious school, but isn't sure what she wants to do with her life, career wise.
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): GOOD : Smart, Athletic, Determined. BAD : Blunt, SLIGHTLY closed-minded, Indecisive.
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 9, 2019
Name: Vera Vermillon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): The Bitch
Bio: Vera's the girl everyone hates and loves simultaneously because she's the talk of the school. She does whatever she wants, gets whoever she wants, and she'll easily expose all your darkest secrets to the rest of the school if you talk back to her so it's best to think twice.
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): Intelligent, ambitious, charming, cruel, ruthless, manipulative.
Sent by Symmetry888,Aug 9, 2019
Name: Alex Watts
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Title: The Hippie
Bio: Alex is an open-minded and caring person. She was born into a wealthy family. Sadly, however, this family didn't accept her sexuality. And so, at her first available opportunity, at age 15, she ran away from home. Now, 8 years later, she lives in a crummy apartment, happy, and miles upon miles away from them.

"Good" Traits: Open-Minded, passionate, calm

"Bad" Traits: Runs away from her problems, afraid of confrontation, avoids conflict

Other Traits: Smokes a lot of weed, especially in times of stress. Also meditates a lot. She's very much a hippie haha
Sent by Indiybomboo,Aug 11, 2019
Name: Austin Morrison
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Title(The Jock, The New Kid, Etc): The Delinquent
Bio: Austin has usually been known as a troublesome child ever since he was young; attending class when he actually feels up to it, repeatedly winding himself up back in detention, etc. Needless to say, Austin’s never quite ever been on right side of the law either. While the first massacre went on, he remained low and almost never left the house, fearing that he would be become a suspect. Austin doesn’t want to simply be remembered as a difficult child but frequently seems to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck follows him like a stench and boy, it really stinks.
Traits(3 good and 3 bad): Self-sufficient, Multi-layered, Clever, Anxious, Secretive, Envious
Sent by Logie56,Aug 12, 2019
Sent by flamergamer8,Aug 12, 2019

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