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Some Secrets Are Best Kept in the Dark Chapter 5:Hook, Line, and Sinker Part 2

Oct 30, 2018 by flamergamer8
(Before I post the Chapter, I do want to say I am sorry that the last three chapters have all been more than a week apart. I have become pretty busy with work and seeing friends before my move lately that I haven't had much time to write. I will try to get at least two done a week from now on, although I cannot promise anything. Just know though, that I have not forgotten about the series and if 6-7 days pass without another chapter, that I am still working on it and it won't be much longer before it is out)

~Thursday, September 27th, 9:00 AM~
The students and the rest of the community are cut off from the high school, separated by the bright yellow "DO NOT CROSS" tape. In front of the school stands the Principal, Lydia Turner. She is doing an interview with Anya Torrez, and she is not holding back.

Lydia:Oh of course the Sheriff is responsible for these murders! I have had a couple of my students murdered and now a member of my staff!
Lydia motions towards the high school, although the bodies have been taken care of, the scarring still remains.

Lydia:None of my teachers want to show up, because they're all afraid that they will be next, and my students are at risk too. The Sheriff brought in three suspects, and they all somehow mysteriously disappear.

Anya nods and she turns to the camera, a wide grin on her face.
Anya:Thank you for your bravery and your courage, this has been Anya Torrez. Not the morning we wanted Riverton, as still there are no breaks in the case of the Riverton Reaper. Have a great day and stay safe...

The cameraman shuts the camera off and the Sheriff walks up to them.
Daniel:Um, what the FUCK do you think you're doing?

Anya looks at him with a sheepish smile
Anya:What ever do you mean?
Daniel:You gave this fucker a name? Why?
Anya:Well, with the bodies piling up we are starting to get national attention. This gives us a hook, a recognizable name? You know. What is the first thing you think of when you think of Friday the 13th? Jason?

Daniel:That's a horror movie, this is my fucking jurisdiction. There is a difference...
Anya pats his chest and she smiles
Anya:The difference is that they know who the killer is in those movies...

She walks off and she motions for her cameraman to follow. The Sheriff's phone rings and he sighs before answering it.

Deputy Bowers is on the other end, and his worried tone doesn't help the situation.
Deputy Bowers:Sir, that detective is in to see you. He doesn't seem pleased.
The Sheriff sighs
Daniel:Well what does he want?
Deputy Bowers:To talk to you...


Mackenzie stands in the back of the crowd as people call out to the Sheriff, trying to find answers. Her eyes are red and she rubs them, having been crying since she found out about Preston's death. She gets a little scare when Nolan appears next to her, and she jumps.
Mackenzie:Dammit Nolan!
She lets out a little laugh and he frowns.
Nolan:Is it really him?
Mackenzie nods

Mackenzie:I just saw him last night, he said he had to go home because he worked early in the morning.
Nolan nods grimly
Nolan:Did they ever find his car?
Mackenzie shakes her head
Mackenzie:I don't think so. Then again they haven't really looked yet...

Nolan nods and he scans the crowd. He notices Rebekah giving him a death glare and he sighs.
Nolan:I never even had that interview that the Sheriff wanted. I'm not too bothered by it...
Mackenzie nods, seemingly in a trance. Her trance is broken by the sound of her phone ringing and she takes it out of her pocket.
Nolan looks down at it

Nolan:Are you going to answer it?
Mackenzie reads the caller ID. Not surprisingly, it is an unknown caller. She powers her phone off before putting it back in her pocket.


The Principal walks up to the yellow tape and she addresses those in the front.
Principal Turner:Later tonight there will be a meeting in the town hall. I would hope that you all make it but it is not mandatory. 8PM exact

She walks away and Ellana looks over at Mari and Keizo.
Ellana:Town meeting?
Mari just shrugs and Keizo sighs
Keizo:My parents are probably going to go so I guess I'll have to go too.
Ellana:Should we go? I wonder what it will be about?
Mari:I have a choir concert I am going to or else I would.
Ellana:Can't you skip it?
Mari frowns

Mari:I can't, I have a solo
Ellana nods
Ellana:Oh that's cool! I can go if you want?
Mari shakes her head
Mari:You won't be missing much if you don't go

~Thursday, September 27th, 10:00 AM~

Shawn is standing on the lawn in front of his house and he sighs, knowing that he won't be welcome back. He is lost in his thoughts, struggling between wanting to go home to say hello to his family but not knowing if they would just turn him in instead of giving him a warm welcome. He is startled by a Blue Camaro pulling up next to him. Shawn looks inside and Zach waves him in.
Zach:Get in..

Shawn sighs and he gets into the car. As soon as he shuts the door, the Camaro peels off down the road.
Zach:We're being framed, whoever killed Alex wanted us to live. They want to make us look as suspicious as possible, and I think we need to stick together, watch each other's backs?
Zach keeps his eyes on the road and Shawn sighs

Shawn:But what do we do? Right now we both look like serial killers...
Zach:Mass murderers, but yes. We need to figure out how to get ourselves out of this mess..
Shawn shakes his head.
Shawn:Wait why?

Zach glances over at him
Zach:What do you mean why? They think we're killers!
Shawn:Yes I know. The moment we stop becoming suspects, we become victims.

Zach nods
Zach:But what good is being safe if we get put away for the rest of our lives?
Shawn nods
Zach:Open up the glove department..
Shawn does as Zach asks and he looks on in awe at the two revolvers.
Zach:One for each of us...
Shawn:Won't this make us look even more suspicious?
Zach:It's for protection, something the others haven't even thought of yet. You can use yours however you'd like, but I am going to track down this son of a bitch and clear my name.
Zach pulls the car to the side of the road, they are now next to the Diner. Zach looks over at Shawn and although he doesn't cry, tears can be seen in his eyes.

Zach:Alex was my best friend. I can take being framed, but being framed for murdering my best friend in cold blood, I can't deal with that for the rest of my life.


Jeremiah knocks on Sam's door and it takes a verbal "Come in" from Sam for Jeremiah to walk in. Sam is sitting up in his bed, eating flavorless hospital oatmeal. He looks up at Jeremiah as he walks in.
Jeremiah:Hey Sam..
He flashes a smile but it dissipates as quickly as it was formed.
Jeremiah:How are you feeling?

Sam shrugs
Sam:I have 11 in the back of my head, but besides that I think I am doing ok. I have been really bored lately but I did some homework to pass the time?
Jeremiah chuckles
Jeremiah:Homework? Really? You must be pretty desperate...

Sam sets his oatmeal on the stand next to him
Sam:Actually it helps keep my brain focused.
Jermiah shakes his head
Jeremiah:Anyway, what time are you able to leave?
Sam:I think tomorrow, but they may let me out tonight.

Jeremiah:Well, to catch you up to speed on things, there is a town hall meeting tonight. I think most of the town will be going to it.
Sam nods
Sam:You know, you're the only one that has come visit me since I came here. Thank you
Jeremiah:Oh no, Ellana and a couple of her friends visited you right after you checked in? Ellana is the one that found you.
Sam:Ellana, the middle schooler?
Jeremiah nods



Aysha sits on the couch, holding up a family portrait. The portrait contains her, her daughter Evelyn, and Evelyn's sons, Miles and Jessie.

Tears wet her dry cheeks as she closes her eyes. She crushes the picture in her hands as she desperately tries to hold onto the memories of her now slayed family.


The Sheriff walks up to the entrance of the police station. He takes a deep breath before opening the door. Sitting on the edge of Daniel's desk is a younger man dressed in a dark brown suit. He is wearing a black fedora. He looks up at the Sherriff and a cocky grin forms on his face when he spots Daniel.

Detective Jones:Why hello Sherriff! It's been awhile since I have had to take a stop in this shithole town..
Daniel steams and he feels his face grows red, but he keeps his composure.
Daniel:What do you want, detective?

Detective Jones:Well....
Eric gets off of the desk and he straightens his suit as he rises to his feet.
Detective Jones:Actually, the Mayor sent me. He has evaluated your progress on the recent string of murders and frankly he isn't too pleased.
Deputy Bowers stands behind the Sherriff, a grin forming on his face as he realizes what is about to happen. The Detective places a finger on the Sherriff and he gives him a light shove.

Detective Jones:There is a town meeting tonight, and I advise you to come. Tonight may be your last night as the Sherriff of this town...

~Main Cast~
bigdizzleyomama/Link Waxman The Player
varlto/Alycia Bowman The Drama Queen
Indiybomboo/Ellana Perry The Innocent One
me2013/Mackenzie "Mac" Bolt The Girl Next Door
Foxy_Piplup/Keizo Santana The Freak
Katherinee_/Rebekah Maddox The Queen
Kaylabby/Kynleigh Foster The Schemer
Logie56/Nolan Crestwood The Writer
Twostep/Zach Mackson The Family Man
purplebb4/Aysha Olsen The Sweet Old Lady
Wolven6974/Jeremiah Peterson The Average Joe
Tizian/Mari Star The Budding Musician
dan12233445566/Sherriff Daniel Myers The Sherriff
Deputy Mullen The Klutz
Deputy Bowers The Loyal One
Principal Lydia Turner The Principal
Shawn Bell The Bully
Samuel "Sam" Keys The Computer Nerd
Anya Torrez The Reporter
Detective Eric Jones The Detective

~Minor Characters~
Jessie Olsen
Miles Olsen
lhooper902976/Alex Dare The Daredevil
Preston Scott The New Guy
Mr.Stewart The History Buff

Will the Sherriff lose his job? If so, who will replace him?
Do you believe Zach when he says he isn't a killer?
Thoughts on the possible love triangle between Shawn-Kynleigh-Link?
Anything else?



Your stories always make me wanna write 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Sent by TR1364,Oct 30, 2018
Will the Sherriff lose his job? If so, who will replace him?
- Probably one of the dumby deputies. Maybe that's who the killer is; to replace the sheriff. Who knows!

Do you believe Zach when he says he isn't a killer?
- uh... yea

Thoughts on the possible love triangle between Shawn-Kynleigh-Link?
- cmon settle this triangle with MOIDER!

Anything else?
- I feel as if Mari is next on the hit list because she is remotely away from everyone ;( If a stage lighting kills her I'm gonna RIOT (not really but omq)
Sent by Tizian,Oct 30, 2018
TR1364 Thank you! If you ever do decide to write anything be sure to tag me! I love to read as much as I love to write
Sent by flamergamer8,Oct 30, 2018

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