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Some Secrets Are Best Kept in the Dark Cast Assessment

16thOct 4, 2018 by flamergamer8
bigdizzleyomama Link Waxman/The Player:Link is a ladies' man and he has been ever since he hit puberty. He knows how to get what he wants and he does it well. When the murders start happening he does his best to stay out of the way but when he gets dragged into the path of bloodshed how will he handle it?

varlto Alycia Collins/The Drama Queen:Alycia takes NO SHIT from anyone. She is loud and outspoken and while some find these traits annoying she isn't afraid of confrontation. That being said, when the murders start happening in Riverton, Alycia isn't afraid to throw shade at her fellow students, knowing that it's very possible that one of them could be the "Riverton Reaper".

lhooper902976 Alex Dare/The Daredevil:Alex is the bravest kid you will ever meet. He isn't afraid of anything and he is usually the first person to explore a haunted house or the cemetery. Will his bravery get him killed?

indiybomboo Ellana Edwards/The Innocent One:Ellana is definitely not your average 14 year old girl. Ellana is the younger sister of the alleged first victim, Mason. When her older brother died, Ellana completely shut out the outside world. Most that know her consider her to be pretty mature for her age and it has showed in the grieving process. What nobody knows is that she is doing her best to unmask her brother's killer, no matter the cost.

me2013 Mackenzie "Mac" Bolt/The Girl Next Door:Mackenzie is just an average girl trying to get through life after college. She works at the local Diner to pay off her debt and although she hasn't really had an interesting or even exciting past, she is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.

Foxy_Piplup Keizo Santana/The Freak:Keizo doesn't talk to really anyone because of the mask he wears on his face. Ever since he was a little boy he has worn it and when he outgrows it he buys a bigger one. The mask is a "Phantom of the Opera-esque" style and although most kids make fun of him for it, it doesn't bother him anymore. When people around him start dying, will he make an effort to return a kindness that was never given to him?

Katherinee_ Rebekah Maddox/The Queen:Rebekah is at the very top of the school's "Heirarchy", and she isn't afraid to let you know it. She is, however, a very compassionate person and she enjoys helping others. Some question if she is really as nice as she seems, but time will tell.

Kaylabby Kynleigh Foster/The Schemer:Kynleigh loves drama, and she likes it even more when she is the one who causes it, much to the dismay of her classmates. Every now and then the sweet side will come out of her but she rarely lets anyone ever see that side to her.

Logie56 Nolan Crestwood/The Writer:Nolan has actually gotten quite famous from his work and he even has a best selling book based off of a man going mad and going on a killing spree. When some of the victims are set similar to how some of the characters have died in his story he is called back into town to help the police department in the investigation.

purplebb4 Aysha Olsen/The Sweet Old Lady:Aysha is the grandmother of Jessie and Miles Olsen and she took them in a year and a half ago after their mother was murdered in a home invasion gone wrong. With their dad not even in their life and her herself being widowed she considers them as her only family, which has made her bond with them grow that much stronger. While she is one of the older members of the community, Aysha is still an active member in her town and she often volunteers as a Crossing Guard(much to the dismay of Miles and Jessie).

Wolven6974 Jeremiah Peterson/The Average Joe:Jeremiah doesn't consider himself to be anything special, and his self esteem is lowered even further each time he moves to a different city. He is never long around enough to make many friends so he is skeptical when his parents promise that Riverton is a permanent stay. He is hopeful to make friends as he heard that small towns are usually very nice and welcoming. Usually...

Tizian Mari Star/The Budding Musician:Mari has a phenomenal talent that is well known around town. She is an amazing singer, but she is the only one that doesn't seem to think so. Despite her talent, she refuses the popularity that comes with it, and she does her best to keep true to her group of friends. Although she seems like she isn't close to the fire when the murders start to happen, how will it affect her life?

dan12233445566 Sherriff Daniel Myers/The Sherriff:Sherriff Daniel Myers has been the Sherriff of Riverton for over 15 years, and never has a murder occurred under his jurisdiction. As the paranoia increases, his temper shortens as he desperately tries to figure out the identitiy of the killer. Will his anger and short patience get in the way of doing what is right?

Deputy Mullen/The Klutz:Deputy Mullen barely got into the police force, but with a small town like Riverton not many cops are needed and he seemed to be in the right place at the right time. It's no secret that Deputy Mullen is bad at his job, but to his credit he does try his best. How will he handle the most gruesome case of his career?

Deputy Bowers/The Loyal One:Deputy Bowers is Sherriff Myers' right hand man, and he does his job well. A company man at heart, he will do everything by the book, even if his heart goes against his actions. In a town where everyone knows each other, Deputy Bowers doesn't have the best reputation, but he doesn't care. He would rather look good with the State of Iowa than pander to the locals.

Principal Lydia Turner/The Principal:Lydia is a crabby lady, and she is very strict with her rulings. It would be hard to find a student that likes her, and that's why when her students start dying the police actually list her as one of the suspects. She is a bitch, but is she a killer?

Shawn Bell/The Bully:Shawn is a Bully, there is no putting it gently. Nothing is off-limits for him, but despite that he has somewhat of a following of kids that always surround him. Opinion on him however is divided, and you either love him or hate him.

Samuel "Sam" Keys/The Computer Nerd:Sam is the typical nerd, but he doesn't like hearing it. He is by far the smartest kid in school and rumor has it he got a scholarship to Harvard. Sam is a nicer guy than he lets on, but with boys like Shawn lurking around, he doesn't let many people get to know the real him.

Jessie Olsen/The Ghostbuster:Jessie is the older brother to Miles and he was traumatically affected by the death of his mother. While the police suspect it is a homicide, his "investigation" has turned to the paranormal. Ever since his mother's death, Jessie has been determined to find his mother's killer, and every option is considered.

Miles Olsen/The Naive One:Miles is 14 and a couple of grades lower than his brother Jessie. Miles wasn't as affected by his mother's death, and he is very gullible, two things that lead to spooky consequences. When his brother Jessie starts breaking in to abandoned buildings Miles reluctantly goes with him, hoping at the very least to keep Jessie out of trouble if he can.

Mr.Stewart/The History Buff:Mr.Stewart is in his 70's and he is the complete opposite of the Principal. Mr.Stewart is a very sweet old man and so many of the students were very saddened to learn that this is his final year of teaching. If anyone needs to know anything about the town, Mr.Stewart is usually the first person to go to.

Anya Torrez/The Reporter:Anya is a young, up and coming reporter, and so when she is stuck on the local news team, she is obviously frustrated. She is one of the very few to actually be excited when the murders start occurring, as she hopes to break the story, knowing that if she can do good work on covering the events that she may get moved to somewhere important.

Preston Scott:The New Guy:Preston just moved to Riverton from another rural city in Indiana. Not much is known about his past, but he seems like a very nice guy. He got an apartment and started working at the local diner, where he found an almost immediate crush on Mac. He moved to Riverton hoping for a normal life, but he came upon a scene much more terrifying.

Detective Eric Jones/The Detective:Eric Jones is a Detective that has been at Sherriff Myers' throat for years now. Secretly the Sherriff has been under an investigation and Jones was placed onto the police force to get enough evidence against the Sherriff. Him and Deputy Bowers made a deal, if Bowers could help Jones get enough evidence of misconduct against the Sherriff to get him fired, Jones would make sure that Deputy Bowers becomes Sherriff Bowers.

Well there it is! 24 Have been cast in the Main Cast, which is a lot I know. The Island was basically a stepping stone for me so I could test what worked and what didn't. The kills weren't that good(imo) and some plot holes were in it from what I could remember, but I have a lot more planned out for this story and I hope you all enjoy what is to come.

(Chapter 1 is a long one so idk when it will be out, but you will be tagged)

Tag if you want to become a reader! I hope you enjoy what's to come!

~Predictions(If you want to answer)~
-Which character do you think you'll like the most(besides your own)?
Player and NPC^
-Which character do you think you'll like the least(besides your own)?
Player and NPC^
-Who is the Killer(s)? (Not telling you how many there are, could be 1 or could be 4)
-Who will die first?
-Who will survive?


~Predictions(If you want to answer)~
-Which character do you think you'll like the most(besides your own)?
I feel as if I'll like the majority off the bat, who knows.
-Which character do you think you'll like the least(besides your own)?
Probably the Bully lmao.
-Who is the Killer(s)? (Not telling you how many there are, could be 1 or could be 4)
LMAO idk... maybe the new guy
-Who will die first?
Oh more than likely an NPC?
-Who will survive?
well I hope it's Mari!
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flamergamer8 Bit late but here ya go ^_^

1. Ooh I like Mari's bio. I hope to be like her someday.
2. I mean based on the bio, Alycia. That being said, the "bitch" characters are pretty much always my favorites in stories :p
3. I gotta say Keizo. The writer looks suspicious too but I think that'd be too easy.
4. Mason, lol
5. Always a toss of a coin. I really can't wait to see!
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