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The Island Chapter 8:Family

Sep 20, 2018 by flamergamer8
The Islanders have all decided to meet at the bar to try to figure out what to do. Between the remaining Outsiders still somewhere on the Island and now one of their own getting murdered, some start to panic in a moment of irony as the hunters feel like they are starting to become the hunted.

The Father is sitting at the bar as he looks at the note in shock before crumpling it up. Daniel pours The Father a glass of his favorite alcoholic beverage, whiskey. The Father chooses instead to just grab the bottle instead of the glass that was poured for him and he drinks straight from the bottle before wiping his mouth off with his hand.
Daniel:Do you think you know who did this?
The Father nods.
Father Jimenez:I know exactly who left us that note. John's son...

Daniel's eyes go wide, not even knowing that John had a son.
Daniel:I thought John died years ago?
Father Jimenez shakes his head
Father Jimenez:That's what I thought too, until a couple of days ago. One of the Outsiders visited him. I had to kill him off before he told her anything important, but I think I was too late.
Daniel frowns a bit.
Daniel:This doesn't change anything does it?
Father Jimenez shakes his head and he slams the bottle down after polishing it off.
Father Jimenez:If his son wants to come out of hiding let him, we'll kill him like he's an Outsider.


Jean, Imani, and Jack all finally get back onto the ground. Imani immediately goes in for a hug from Jean and Jack frowns as he stares at the pool of blood that Hoop's body had created when he was fatally killed.
Jack:We need to keep moving..
Jean nods as he rubs Imani's back while she tries to get it together.


Savanna leads the group through the nature as they trek to the other side of Abbiens Isle. Alison reluctantly follows the group, not used to being bossed around but figuring that she is better with a group right now than being alone.

Taewong seems to not even be paying attention to his surroundings, as he looks straight ahead. Taylor glances at him with a worried expression on her face but she says nothing as she doesn't want to annoy him. Mike does his best to stay near the front with Savanna and he tries to stir up a conversation with her, although he doesn't know quite what to say.
Mike:Hey..uh where are we going?
She glances at him for a moment and she sighs
Savanna:I am not quite sure. There has to be a way off of this Island, we just have to find it..
Mike nods and he stays quiet for a bit.
Mike:I don't want to die...
Savanna looks over at him and she smiles.
Savanna:I will do my best to make sure that you won't.
Mike smiles back sheepishly before he stays quiet completely, not knowing what to say without making the conversation anymore awkward than it already is.


Colby gets up slowly and he groans out as his body is still aching all over, but he knows he shouldn't stay in one place for very long. He looks around and he makes his way back into the treeline, hoping that he can find any of his friends.


Alison watches the group exit her view and she sighs, knowing that it's best for them if they don't have her with them. Instead of venturing out in a different direction she turns around to head back to the Hotel.


Father Jimenez exits the bar and he looks around outside before heading towards the Hotel. As he exits into nature, the man in the Tiki Mask steps onto the path behind him before he starts to follow The Father.


Imani and Jean are following Jack, who is leading them to the church. Once they get there Jean and Imani are both understandably terrified. Jack looks back at them and he rolls his eyes.
Jack:There is something wrong with these people, and I think this place is connected to them...

Jean suddenly remembers that he has his camera again and he instinctively starts to take pictures. Jack looks back at Imani as he walks up to the front door.
Jack:Make sure nobody is following us, if you see anything you need to tell us.
Imani:But what if I don't know what to do?
Jack smiles
Jack:You'll think of something....

Jack enters the Church and he explores the hallway, choosing not to go upstairs this time. He keeps going until he notices an entrance to another room on his right and he enters what appears to be a giant shrine in the center of it. There is a stone statue of a dragon in the middle of the room and he gags as he sees the bodies of the dead around it. He covers the lower half of his face with the sleeve of his shirt as he explores the shrine. He finds a book in front of it and he bends down to grab it before slipping it into his shirt.

Having enough, he decides to walk back out of the church, and he looks at Imani and Jean.
Jack:I think I found something important...


Colby is rushing through the woods, practically running. He isn't running from someone and he doesn't know exactly where he's going, but all he knows is that he needs to find one of his friends. He doesn't know what they have been going through. He is determined to reach them if he can save anyone before it's too late, not knowing that he is already too late. He eventually stumbles and falls next to a tree. He feels himself breathing heavily and an extreme fatigue washing over him before his vision fades to black.


Alison reaches the stake and she walks up to her little brother's charred body. She touches his cheek before pressing her head on his chest. She knows that it is stupid to be out in the open by herself, but for once she doesn't care about the smart choice. She just rests her head and she lets herself cry.


The Father stops when he thinks he hears a footstep behind him and he turns to see the man in the Tiki Mask. The Father chuckles, unimpressed.
The Father:You mad that I killed your father?
The man just stands there, watching Father Jimenez. All of a sudden a gunshot echoes through the air and a bullet goes through the man's torso. He looks down and a gasp is heard before he falls to the ground, holding the wound. Behind him stands Daniel with a smirk on his face.


Savanna reaches the beach and she gasps when she sees what is next to the water. She turns around excitedly, hope having been shot back into her system.
Savanna:Guys! I found a boat!

kaylabby Savanna Hart/The Sweetheart
bigdizzleyomama Jean Atkinson/The Wallflower
TR1364 Taewong Yi/The Best Friend
Katherinee_ as Alison Parker/The Bitch
Logie56 Colby Porter/The Sports Star
Indiybomboo Imani Jiang/The Romantic
Icarus_Mark Taylor Smoke/The Hoodlum
CopperTribe Jack Shiny/The Prankster
Wolven6974 Mike Vitscoff/The Quiet One

~Island Residents~
Father Jiménez(Manager)
Tiki Mask Murderer

dan12233445566 Dean Knight/The Player
@TwoStep Cody Harper/The Hustler
Tattooed Woman(Lisbeth)
me2013 Amy Rivers/The Outcast
flamergamer8 Alex Herrera/The Heir
Hotel Clerk
varlto Ethan Collins/The Victim
lhooper902976 Hoop Dancer/The College Bro

Comment if you want me to tag you as a spectator in future chapters as a reader.

1.So, thoughts on the Tiki Man's identity?
2.What will happen to John's son?
3.Will Colby actually die in the lamest way possible?
4.Thoughts on the boat? Will anyone actually get to leave on it?
5.What do you think about the Shrine?
6.What secrets will the book contain?
7.Anything else on the episode


Uh uh you killed the main character which is weird but new and uh the shrine is uh a shrine and uh is it really John sonn though
Sent by Make_you,Sep 21, 2018
1.So, thoughts on the Tiki Man's identity? Coming here right after I read the last episode and I guessed this right! I also got the killer of John!
2.What will happen to John's son? I hope he doesn't die yet. He might be helpful for the outaiders.
3.Will Colby actually die in the lamest way possible? No! He will rise again! I hope Alison finds him and become a power couple ahahah
4.Thoughts on the boat? Will anyone actually get to leave on it? Someone may actually leave but not all of them and not anytime soon!
5.What do you think about the Shrine? I think that there will be an iconic final fight there.
6.What secrets will the book contain? I think this is the book of the god that the islanders are worshiping. If I am right we will learn about their secret places and weak spots.
7.Anything else on the episode. Savannah can go drown on that boat tbh. I don't like her anymore.
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 21, 2018

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