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Addressing Alvin's comments

Aug 2, 2018 by finn3155
1. Im not a drunk. I drink at party's occasionally on the weekends. A drunk is someone who drinks every day. You wouldnt know cause you never had a sip of Alcohol in your life.

2. I was not on this site the day my Grandpa died. I didnt tell you the day he died cause i wasnt on Skype or Tengaged to tell anyone. I told you days after.

3. I dont know what my parents getting divorced has to do with anything that happened 3 months ago. It is none of your business

4. Leave me alone and stop bringing up my personal life



hes such a fucking loser lmfao
Sent by danyyboy67,Aug 2, 2018
Damn fr took you like 60 seconds to type thos
Sent by MrBird,Aug 2, 2018
"I didnt tell you the day i died cause i wasnt on Skype or Tengaged to tell anyone."

u should be on skype the day you die
Sent by blogs,Aug 2, 2018
Ooppp fixef that lol blogs
Sent by finn3155,Aug 2, 2018

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