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Jul 23, 2018 by finn3155
Your mad because i flushed your veto in a frookies...

You are addicted to this site.

Dont following me into games unless you want me to keep taking you out.

Alvino get a life!


Actually, If I was mad or upset I would be acting out as normal. Instead, you are doing exactly what you passionately scream you don't want to. Becoming the animal you used to be. I wish you the best as I said, no ill feelings. Just focus more on your real life rather than this online site.
Sent by Alvino,Jul 23, 2018
Im not worried about this site you are. You determine your friendships over frookies. It's just sad. And if you were not mad you would not have made a blog about me lol. Stop being obsessed with me
Sent by finn3155,Jul 23, 2018
Clearly you are looking at that blog in all the wrong directions. Nobody is obsessed with you. Nobody is worried about you. You are just acting ill because I blocked your number. I had to- You need to get better. If you want a friend like me in your life, you need to get it together. I left because you wouldn't get better. I measure my friendships based on your character.
Sent by Alvino,Jul 23, 2018
Didn’t yall hate each other like a few months ago
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jul 23, 2018
Like i said what is sad is the thing that showed my "bad character" is that i flushed your veto in frookies when you would have chosen Nyah over me anyway. Stop taking the site seriously you are the one who needs to get better.
Sent by finn3155,Jul 23, 2018
Finn you know exactly why I don't like you. You sat there behind my back and told some other randomn to -1 your friend. That shows me that you will do anything for a win finn. Nyah was out the ga,e and you wanted me out the game as well and it's pathetic. Me and Nyah literally didn't say a word about you in this game and you ran and got us nommed. We weren't worried about you. Goodluck with life finn.
Sent by Alvino,Jul 23, 2018
I didnt do that Alvin lol me and spartagow were on call and he told me that exact pm you send him and i told him to go along with it. Good try.

Also, that game Nyah was still in at the final 5 when i was HOH and you guys were gonna take each other over me and you lied about not having the veto in the first place.

Final thing, once again your defining why your mad all about a online game. ITs really sad you should trying going outside, make a friend or two, take a walk outside where there is sunlight. You need to get out from behind your computer screen it is sad.
Sent by finn3155,Jul 23, 2018

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