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the absolute hilarity of kanye west

Apr 25, 2018 by finklestein123
coming out as a rabid trump supporter all over his twitter and kim kardashian stumbling over herself trying to contain him all while liberal/woke/black twitter and the media fume at the entire frenzy is not to be understated

especially considering the narrative twitter religiously tries to push about taylor swift being a trumpette white supremacist alt-right KKK advocate

"maybe i got mine but you'll all get yours" indeed - miss swift is a prophet and she shows again that she fails to lose and this will be further reinforced in 13 days when she embarks on her potentially record breaking all-stadium world tour all while her enemies cuntinue to mindlessly implode good day


What is that gif from it looks iconic
Sent by alanb1,Apr 25, 2018
Sent by BB5lover,Apr 25, 2018
All hail queen Miss Swift
Sent by Jinxh,Apr 25, 2018

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