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  1. ACCURATE Challenge Season ranking
  2. Does anyone think global warming
  3. cant believe its finally happening
  4. havent culturally appropriated in 3 days
  5. inside out needs to be camila's next single
  6. my f*gg*t bussy quivers
  7. they did miss fortune SO dirty
  8. ordered taco bell off postmates
  9. hope border patrol shoots camila
  10. should my fag ass eat pretzels
  11. meet and greet w/ adele was a dream cum true
  12. fuck
  13. 19 years ago today, Britney Spears...
  14. camila only has 10 songs
  15. kylie minogue is returning this month
  16. my ATRL account hasnt been approved yet
  17. No title
  18. wat are you gays yappin about today
  19. the new MF splash arts did that
  20. bitch u aint no barbie
  21. FUCK you michele get the hell out of my sight
  22. am i rly prepared
  23. i had arby's twice on my recent trip
  24. i treat my instagram posts
  25. i made the dean's list
  26. new semenster starts officially today
  27. NOOOOOOooOoOoOOoooo
  28. the world moves on to another day
  29. gorgeous by miss swift
  30. i go to bed every evening
  31. the only good thing about trump
  32. id chug a shot of logan paul’s jizz
  33. hate blogging from my phone
  34. can the repugaytion stadium tour
  35. who even is anneliese van der pol
  36. I just got to New York City
  37. wanna shove rachael ray’s pizza recipes
  38. not to be gay
  39. Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue
  40. Taylor Swift’s tour

Taylor Swift’s tour

Jan 2, 2018 by finklestein123
imagereportedly sold over 180 million dollars worth of tickets in just the first 7 days of sales (4 days of the fan pre-sale and 3 days of general public sales) and is projected to possibly gross up to half a billion dollars L M A O

basically empress swift is coming for madonna’s record of the highest grossing female tour ever and is well on her way to having one of the highest grossing and biggest tours in history i am trembling she just won’t show mercy huh


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