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  1. time 4 strip club shift
  2. reputation just passed 2 million pure sales
  3. imagine not flossing
  4. this aint for the best
  5. screaming crying perfect storms
  6. this is one of my favorite pictures
  7. hates gays and stans cuntry music
  8. deciding to start flossing
  9. NOT a bridge collapsing at my school...
  10. danger by hilary duff
  11. the VIP packaging for taylor's upcoming tour
  12. my soundtrack entering the gym locker room
  13. why is delicate by taylor swift so infectious
  14. my brother was watching a video
  15. those zeenon/gagaluv janelle hairs
  16. wig
  17. hijabs are NOT props
  18. my blog has caused plenty of debate i see
  19. found
  20. i need my atrl account to be approved
  21. get outta my way by kylie minogue
  22. i cannot believe u would be so disgusting
  23. WHY is cultural appropriation happening
  24. the howl i let out
  25. craving a salad
  26. aphrodite by kylie synagogue
  27. i am craving penis so fucking badly
  28. wat a delicious birthday it has been
  29. officially 22 years old
  30. gays im on the verge of a meltdown
  31. ina garten just announced her return
  32. do ppl still believe the myth that britney
  33. my bro bought me breakfast as my bday present
  34. turns out that megham trainor
  35. call me by your name is getting a sequel
  36. hello my name is
  37. could taylor swift’s red soar to #1
  39. upon further streams of kara’s mamma mia
  40. 22 by taylor swift could not be more accurate

Taylor Swift’s tour

Jan 2, 2018 by finklestein123
imagereportedly sold over 180 million dollars worth of tickets in just the first 7 days of sales (4 days of the fan pre-sale and 3 days of general public sales) and is projected to possibly gross up to half a billion dollars L M A O

basically empress swift is coming for madonna’s record of the highest grossing female tour ever and is well on her way to having one of the highest grossing and biggest tours in history i am trembling she just won’t show mercy huh


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