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  1. can post bologne get off the damn stage
  2. stick it in me papi
  3. who likes to eat ass
  4. ive literally grown up with this site
  5. just wanted to announce
  6. punching beth
  7. so um why are all the f*gs betting
  9. why is everyone betting on redbaby
  10. arianal grande
  12. ive slept on arianal for so long
  13. this truly is a qualiTy youtube video
  14. am so sore
  15. this aint for the best
  16. time 4 strip club shift
  17. reputation just passed 2 million pure sales
  18. imagine not flossing
  19. this aint for the best
  20. screaming crying perfect storms
  21. this is one of my favorite pictures
  22. hates gays and stans cuntry music
  23. deciding to start flossing
  24. NOT a bridge collapsing at my school...
  25. danger by hilary duff
  26. the VIP packaging for taylor's upcoming tour
  27. my soundtrack entering the gym locker room
  28. why is delicate by taylor swift so infectious
  29. my brother was watching a video
  30. those zeenon/gagaluv janelle hairs
  31. wig
  32. hijabs are NOT props
  33. my blog has caused plenty of debate i see
  34. found
  35. i need my atrl account to be approved
  36. get outta my way by kylie minogue
  37. i cannot believe u would be so disgusting
  38. WHY is cultural appropriation happening
  39. the howl i let out
  40. craving a salad

en route to scranton, PA

Dec 31, 2017 by finklestein123
imagehow fucking random please shoot me in the face

happy new year gays


im jealous this one guy who always messages me on grindr while im at school lives there and i wanna kiss him
Sent by MichelleObama,Dec 31, 2017
lmao is this from that tweet about that woman who showed the flight attendant this instead of her boarding pass finklestein123
Sent by Insanity17,Dec 31, 2017

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