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BB19 Pre-Season

Jun 19, 2017 by faygo
This is my ranking & few thoughts

Christmas- I will be rooting for her hope she Wins     << god was i wrong about this (hate her now)
Dominique- I like her a lot she can do good as long as she don't turn in to a drama Queen
Mark- Reminds me of Gronk , I feel like his size will make him a target hope not
Matthew-he will probably work try working with Christmas
Kevin- he seems  way to chill for a guy from boston haha... don't think we have saw anyone like him on the show before.
Jessica- the guys will probably keep her around but i don't think she will do any good
Raven-shes ok
Jason- he knows nothing about the game but seems OK lol
Cameron- seems smart but i dont think he will fit in with this cast
Elena- Seems OK
Alex- she reminds me of paola (hate her )
Ramses- some where in the middle he will go out
Jillian- nothing to say ha
Megan- don't like
Josh- hope he is prejury
Cody- Hope he is first boot he is the worst!!! (was wrong he turned out to be ok)

This could all change once the season starts haha



This will enlighten you
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jun 19, 2017
Cameron was my favorite so far tbh I haven't watched Christmas yet
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Jun 19, 2017

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