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  1. Can someone link me to that vlog
  2. How are avis looking low quality?
  3. Does anyone play
  4. Anyone following the Australian open?
  5. Help plz
  6. Does anyone here like Poppy
  7. Why is no one on here a hype beast
  8. PYN if you are a hypebeast
  10. If you speak portugese
  11. Today has been the most aids day
  12. So I am designing graphics
  13. Does anyone speak portugese
  14. Anyone here download and play
  15. PYN
  16. Anyone good at writing
  17. Been coding a game for the past few weeks
  18. Yay got new NMD's today
  19. Who would win?
  20. Does anyone here wear
  21. Can someone fill me in on the walking dead
  22. Can someone link me
  23. Anyone good with ideas
  24. Those fucking terrorists
  25. Anyone else a hypbeast like me?
  26. Has anyone played Haydee
  27. PYN
  28. Just had my graduation ceremony for uni
  29. Anyone seen the OC?
  30. Anyone here play CIV 5?
  31. For anyone that wants Australian survivor
  32. Who wants the eyes or lips?
  33. Money: 11179.2 T$Need some T$? - Paypal
  34. PYN or gtfo
  35. All the queens releasing songs today
  36. Made a little tengaged dress up game
  37. Tbh if Russia loses Eurovision
  38. PYN if you have a vagina
  39. Gift anyone?
  40. When ur getting a check up at your doctors

Can someone fill me in on the walking dead

Dec 28, 2016 by evilgenious448
On what happens from the moment Michonne kills the governor from the time that Negan first meets rick.

genuinely hate rick and his crew and only wanna watch TWD for amazing villains like those guys. Is it worth watching seasons 4.5 - 6.5 or nah?


Uhh...Every male black character you've seen at this point has been killed, Maggie's sister dies but she also sang, the gang splits up and finds each other again, Carol bakes cookies, some dumb kid dies, Rick and Michonne are dating, there's a priest guy, there's a gay couple and a guy called Jesus...I think that's most of it. ^_^
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 28, 2016
Yoshitomi so no major villains like the governor or Negan?
Sent by evilgenious448,Dec 28, 2016
EvilGenious448 There were cannibals but they were killed off pretty fast. Dumb new characters who were more antagonists than villains. Just dumb people making dumb choices is a good summary. XD
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 28, 2016
Literally shit between those two points in the story. When they first get Alexandria is pretty good
Sent by Macda27,Jan 9, 2017

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