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  1. Can someone link me to that vlog
  2. How are avis looking low quality?
  3. Does anyone play
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  5. Help plz
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  10. If you speak portugese
  11. Today has been the most aids day
  12. So I am designing graphics
  13. Does anyone speak portugese
  14. Anyone here download and play
  15. PYN
  16. Anyone good at writing
  17. Been coding a game for the past few weeks
  18. Yay got new NMD's today
  19. Who would win?
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  22. Can someone link me
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  24. Those fucking terrorists
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  28. Just had my graduation ceremony for uni
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  33. Money: 11179.2 T$Need some T$? - Paypal
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  35. All the queens releasing songs today
  36. Made a little tengaged dress up game
  37. Tbh if Russia loses Eurovision
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  40. When ur getting a check up at your doctors

Made a little tengaged dress up game

1stJun 22, 2016 by evilgenious448
As part of a uni assignment. Who wants to play?

Would people actually use this (rather than the good old inspect element method) if i bothered to add new designs to it and make it fully functional?
Kinda dont wanna waste all that time doing it tho...maybe if i profited id consider it lol


Omg i like the instrument to roar! Congrats!
Sent by Robbster1313,Jun 22, 2016
This is cool
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jun 22, 2016
im. screaming.
Sent by KingGeek,Jun 22, 2016
omg that was amazing!!
Sent by perfectprizetag,Jun 22, 2016
im impressed actually

if i were you id add an option to add your own designs (or even better pull from tengageds database, although that could be pain in the ass with all doubles and shit)
then pop in some subtle ads

and before you know it you are getting rich off of these hoes
Sent by Bix123,Jun 22, 2016
Bix123 haha smart girl, maybe that is worth doing... ;)
Sent by evilgenious448,Jun 22, 2016
ugh Bix has a good idea that would get boring after a while... If only we could anonymously vote in like a poll for which avi we like the best, and then at the end of the week the person with the most votes gets announced or something.

But if this was to happen, it would have to be super anonymous
Sent by LasVegas,Jun 22, 2016
do you plan on adding more colours of the weaves?!?!?!
Sent by baza76,Jun 22, 2016
And clothes
Sent by baza76,Jun 22, 2016
I just finished my avi :) its named lexi
Sent by lexibear,Jun 22, 2016
This is amazing! Love it!
Sent by carlyjordan14,Jun 22, 2016
@evilgenius448 I love you man.  Now I can make characters for my brantsteele seasons. Thanks xoxo
Sent by Aerodynamics,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by FedeBenna,Jun 22, 2016
lasvegas obviously there is always place for improvement and i do like your idea

if it were me id start with something simpler and then if it turns out to be profitable, invest more time and effort

since well, this isnt that big of a "market", its just tengaged people... but i figured since he already worked hard, he should at least get something from it
Sent by Bix123,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jun 22, 2016
nice job!
Sent by MickyBoomy9,Jun 22, 2016

Made this really quickly
Sent by Pegasus1234,Jun 22, 2016
i love it anton!!!
Sent by PureEssence,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by Rperduex11,Jun 22, 2016
Add Gemma brows and new Kendall weaves xo.
Sent by RobertGuajardo,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by Zinger,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by bomberv,Jun 22, 2016
Dude, this is fucking amazing
Sent by ThisIsMyGame,Jun 22, 2016
youre so talented
Sent by Lemjam6,Jun 22, 2016
Zakiyah Everette wins BB18!
Sent by mrcool,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by unkown,Jun 22, 2016
Wow!! This is really cool!!! Nice work evilgenious448
Sent by AlyssaB,Jun 22, 2016
I love it but I hope we can get more stuff for the males, more varieties of hair colors (Poor gingers/blacks/dyed haired), different body positions instead of the standard ones (like giving movement of the hands), and some backgrounds would be nice!

Other than that, I love this!
Sent by Dolphinz811,Jun 22, 2016
really nice work! you're very talented :)
Sent by k4r4k,Jun 22, 2016
Sent by xoxokaci1,Jun 22, 2016
ur so annoying why not include gemma brows.... of course only using ur own LMAO selfish
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jun 22, 2016
ItsAlexia youre welcome to code your own game and use whatever designs you want. And if you use designs better than the ones ive chosen, your game may even be more popular than mine. best of luck!
Sent by evilgenious448,Jun 22, 2016
evilgenious448 lmfao it's not a 'game'. it's dressing up pixels. inspect element is way better as you can use what ever design you want and not have to follow your gender roles.
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jun 22, 2016
I like it, it's cool.
Only criticism is that I'd like to see more eye 'styles', rather than that generic one in all colours. I never really liked them when Wonderland used that style honestly.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 22, 2016
I actually really like this!
Sent by Nikkayy,Jun 22, 2016
that is awesome!! evilgenious448
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 22, 2016
This is really cool. I would love bit more hair styles and skin types but over all this is great!
Sent by legend_of_link,Jun 22, 2016

Sent by turkeylover,Jun 22, 2016
I think this is incredibly well made and I love the subtle effects, like the snapshot sound and when roar plays.

Did you make this from scratch, if so what programme?
Sent by Anas,Jun 22, 2016
Wow it's pretty good
Sent by ilovetosing,Jun 22, 2016
Anas yeah coded from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript :)
Sent by evilgenious448,Jun 23, 2016
If u could keeping adding designs this will be rly awesome
Sent by Thetrumpetman423,Jun 23, 2016
cute! i love that it works on my iPad lol
Sent by bunnycat,Jun 23, 2016
Sent by panda6785,Jun 23, 2016

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