Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thJul 31, 2019 by etaco75
plus this blog it's way funnier than mine


we eatin good
Sent by obscurity,Jul 31, 2019
its okay at least you had a chance to win! there are literally 2 people in there that think they about to swoop in for the win when they literally have 0 chance LMFAO

imagine wasting your time like that sis... we could never
Sent by BB5lover,Jul 31, 2019
robbed legend

the other players can go fuck off
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Jul 31, 2019
bb5lover he didnt have a chance to win, because he got 6th place
Sent by obscurity,Jul 31, 2019
robbed goddess

jealousy is an illness
Sent by purplebb4,Jul 31, 2019
clink clink
Sent by KingGeek,Jul 31, 2019
bb5lover actually I know I don't have a chance to win thank you though
Sent by Bvance1212,Jul 31, 2019
my winner <3
Sent by Maxi1234,Jul 31, 2019

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