Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thJun 16, 2019 by etaco75
1. Shea Couleé
2. Alexis Mateo
3. Jujubee
4. Blair St. Clair
5. Ongina
6. Miz Cracker
7. Mayhem Miller
8. Derrick Barry
9. Mariah Paris Balenciaga
10. India Ferrah



#1 India Ferrah shes the best drag queen of all time
Sent by Aquamarine,Jun 16, 2019
Aquamarine the highest she got in the competition was mimi imfurst picking her up girl she like didn't do great on her season at all
Sent by etaco75,Jun 16, 2019
Why is Blair so high?
Sent by Letal,Jun 16, 2019
Top 3 on point though
Sent by Letal,Jun 16, 2019
derrick being lower than miz cracker
Sent by Absol,Jun 16, 2019
letal she's gotten fucking amazing after the show and im rly looking forward to her runways. same with cracker absol!
Sent by etaco75,Jun 16, 2019
Why is everyone so obsessed with mayhem like she shouldn’t be back

Same with India
Sent by austino15fffan,Jun 17, 2019
Derrick B is amazing and should be higher placed xo
Sent by Amnesia_,Jun 17, 2019
Mariah at 9 is homophobic
Sent by iiVoloxity,Jun 17, 2019
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jun 17, 2019
austino15fffan it's because mayhem is soooooo fucking successful outside the show and she needed to come back more than someone like kameron or asia
amnesia_ you're correct im probably gonna love her a lot more on the show
iivoloxity she and India are the two like wtf r they doing around here but i hope she comes back a lot better!
Sent by etaco75,Jun 17, 2019
austino15fffan fillers
Sent by Babyshark,Jun 17, 2019
Same top 3 as me
Sent by Roshy,Jun 17, 2019

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