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6thNov 22, 2018 by etaco75
Where he said the reason he was voted out had nothing to do with Natalie? #survivor

Angelina just got married before coming on the show and she was HORNY for John (the same way Dan had a one-sided showmance with Kara) and one time while Angelina and John were talking, Jeremy was sitting by the fire and said "if the cameras catch that she's gonna be in trouble when she gets home." So that got back to Angelina the day of tribal and she runs around to her immediate allies and they all decide to vote out Jeremy, then after that she just went to everyone else and was like "we have the numbers vote out jeremy". This was from the interview:

"And the problem was, Angelina had gone around to people and said, “Don’t ever say showmance. Don’t ever say anything about me and John.” So when that got back to her she just freaked out. So at that point, the day of us going to Tribal, she essentially went around and told everybody, “He’s embarrassing me. He’s trying to humiliate me. He’s going to cause problems with me and my husband.” So she told the tribemates, “Don’t say anything on camera, but I want him gone. I want him out of here because he’s going to say that I’m on a showmance on TV and it’s going to affect me back home. But don’t you tell other people. Don’t you say anything about it on camera.” "


her mind
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yes bitch this is OLD news xo
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coreyants ok sorry :/ at least u plussed my blog tho i hope
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Yeah i saw. He’s jealous of the queen.
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O v e r r a t ed
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Old news. Get a clue.
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