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155 / Stars 452 Winner!!

7thJul 16, 2017 by etaco75
WINNER OF STARS 452 WOOOO Read this if you care at all! I know it's a LOT but there's a TLDR at the bottom!
Hi guys!!! I wanted some time after the game to GTFO & reflect or somethin idk. And here's some stuff I wanted to say!!! This will probably be such a long blog and bc I'm a narcissist I think Im gonna make another blog with some tips on how to win Stars! Bc Im so happy I did it!!!!!! If anyone actually cares to read this then thank u lol

I have to start by saying thank you guys. So much. I'm WAY more happy about this than I should be, but thank you guys for giving me this win. I joined my first Stars in like November of 2011, and I've played 19 Stars and made finals 4 times before this. I have played so many frickin Stars because I just think it's SUCH an interesting game lol! I added it up and I think I've played 167 12 hour-days of Stars. I think that's like, almost three months of Stars. I've been nominated  like 33 times I think?? So thank you guys for giving me this win because to me, it's been well overdue. BUT I want to confess something!

Don't get me wrong like, I played a solid game!! I was a bad ass player and people were afraid of me and I genuinely called the shots some days. And I made the best moves when I should have and I got the win so clearly I did a lot of things right. AND I had such a crazy fucking popular cast. I had like EVERY type of popularity threat in there (an old school icon Sw33t, someone who all the "tengaged is stupid lol" people love Trust, FUCKING THUMPER91 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, someone who beat me in a poll literally 4 weeks ago for 8th place Arris, the noob with noob support Joooon16_, a mediocre guy who's hot by tg standards ohheydudeski BUT LOWKEY that's me too, some big personalities Petro XxLoveWakizaxX, a creep LittleBrother123, and me). I did a GOOD ass job navigating that game and playing hard when I needed to. But like, I didn't play that hard lol......

A lot of you who have played with me know that like, I play hard in Stars and I'm so good at it bc I understand people and stuff (haha sorry hate me i won stars!). But this time I just sorta sat back for most of the game. I joined by accident (I've told that story a hundred times), saw the cast of ALL those popularity threats up there^^^^^ but especially Lauren and Arris, and knew there was no chance I could possibly win (Ironic right?). Sooo for the first few days I kinda just locked in whatever dudeski and Trust wanted. But I didn't want to tell the public I was giving up so I just sorta pretended to play the first few days lol. Also I got stoned just every single day of that game. Like I couldn't play more than 2 hours without getting really high. So that can tell u how much I tried lmao. Strategically Robert and Brawley really impressed me!

After noms for 11th I actually got interested in the game though! Once Lauren went home and then Trust and Petro were against each other I thought I had a chance. But I wasn't that invested in the game because like, I had JUST joined a few weeks ago, I was literally planning on going out with nikki101 and getting FUCKED up that night (dw we still did!), and Arris could still always just beat me, and I didn't think I had a chance against a lot of people. I play Stars to win, and I was just thinking "well I can't beat Lauren, I can't beat Arek, and I can't beat whoever CAN beat them".

BUT THEN once I went up for 10th I got into annoying kick ass mode. But everyone was still fuckin mean to me and people barely talked to me???? And each day I started caring more because the possibility of a win was becoming bigger.

Did I deserve to win THIS game, Stars 452? YES! Because I did!!!!! Strategically, I didn't have the strongest game THIS time around (but a lot of u guys know I actually do stuff every other time so give me a break!). But to the public, I was "the mastermind underdog who kicked ass and was always fighting." I had an objectively better public game than the other two finalists, so like I 100% deserved this win lol. If I didn't deserve this win then I DID deserve my past finals. BUT strategically it was my worst game! But I still did better than everyone else LMAO! The winner is always the most deserving, barring multis/spamming/algo glitches and stuff.

To the person out there who has been told they will literally never do it, you CAN win Stars, as long as the site is around (or as long as ur on here lmao). There was a time when literally every top blog was a hate blog about me. One time like Donutdude56 or whatever posted a blog that was just "Why is etaco75 such an asshole?" and it got TOP BLOGS because all the people who hated me came out to talk shit about me! To be fair I was a brat back then so like those concerns were valid lmao. But still like, there was a time when I hadn't survived a poll in like 2 years. I did really well in my first 2 Stars and then couldn't get to top 10 in the next ones. I only made my next finals because I beat another hated person and then controlled shit all game. But still like as a lot of u guys know I was HATED. And I turned around my image and I combined my REALLY good gameplay with a bit of popularity, and I started doing much better!
If I can win Stars, I think LITERALLY anyone can.

So if you've read this far then you clearly care a LOT about me so TY! But you might b wondering what's next for good old ETAC on here! If not then im gonna tell u anyway! Stars was what was keeping me on this site. Like, I can't say how fake I was for support on here LOL. It got bad but I had to do that to change my image on here lol! Anyway, now that I have my Stars win, I have TV Star, and I've played a fuck ton of SuitMan13 group games and made my mark on THAT series in Entitled vs. Earned & Last Leap (yo suitman survivor wya!!!), I don't have much else to do on here.

So unfortunately, this is gonna mark the end of the era for me :/// Don't get me wrong, I'm probably going to join Stars again. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes like it. Or I might wanna join for fun, I might want to join to help people, IDK. But I can't see myself joining and like REALLY pushing as hard as I always do, because my motivation was a Stars win. And now I have that so I wouldn't go as hard as I used to. And yea I guess that's it! I'm also gonna buy a design in shops before I GTFO for a while tho! We'll see how long I stay on here but I don't have much keeping me active, now that I've won. Tengaged gave me a lot in life (maybe more on that later???)  and now that I have that dumb Stars win I think there's nothing more for me here lol........

Thank you to every single person who has literally ever supported me in any Stars ever. And thank you to everyone who had faith in me since the beginning, when I just got 7th in Stars 159. You guys kept me motivated to win. Oh, and I've never been nominated for 11th isn't that weird??

To everyone who said I couldn't ever win, HAHAHAHA FUCK YOUUUUUUUU.

TLDR: I didn't do much in Stars but I still played the best game :) I'm so fucking happy I earned this, anyone can win if they put their mind to it, and I don't have much else going for me on this site so peace out kinda soon lol!

Ty guys :)


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plussed because this must've took forever to type
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etaco75 8 days 3 hours ago
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EliOrtiz1234 wait HAHAHAHA Im dead I love how ironic it is that I didnt even mean to join this 1!
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no one likes trust there's a reason i beat her?
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Plussed LOL
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yay congrats so happy you were the one to win!!
Sent by Trust,Jul 16, 2017
The game i won I played horribly strategically and just focused on playing the public lol
Sent by pokemaster,Jul 16, 2017
Happy you finally won one :p
Sent by pokemaster,Jul 16, 2017
Had to plus bc u put more effort into this than I have into 2017 as a whole!

Ur drunk if u think im reading a word of it, but I'll play along. "LOL! That's really funny lmaoo congrats on your win bby bout time!"
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Congrats On your win :) glad to see it.
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congrats man :)
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LMAO mastropola
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