Big Brother and online Hunger games.


19thJun 14, 2017 by etaco75
Lol why was this a top blog



I also love Tori Deal going from AYTO to the Challenge. She will slay Dirty 30, mark my words.
Sent by adelelover,Jun 14, 2017
I forgot that Jonna won season 1 of Endurance omg, so fucking iconic.
Sent by Foxtrot,Jun 14, 2017
Did I see a lie tho?
Sent by Timster,Jun 15, 2017
oh you've spent too much time with Timster now this is clearly him threatening u to post this.

I still think Natalie Anderson is better but it's a close 2nd. I was more of a Sabrina fan myself.
Sent by CharlieBibi,Jun 15, 2017
CharlieBibi ORIGINAL villain queen of Endurance....... Hero of The Challenge..... 5-time player, zero-time winner.
Sent by etaco75,Jun 15, 2017
Timster , Etaco75 - she went from Endurance - Engaged and Underaged - The Challenge
Sent by 5651Omar,Jun 15, 2017

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