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15thMay 26, 2017 by etaco75
It is RIDICULOUSLY easy to play Stars when you're hated/unknown. Like in Stars 164 (holy fuck I've been here forever) back when people didn't know me I made it to final 4 unnominated bc I just always happened to end up on the right side of the numbers. Then in 241 again it was SO easy to get people to do what I said bc they could beat me in a poll (and they did when I got 3rd). But when you're labeled a popularity threat, NO ONE in the game like 100% wants to take you to finals. And you have no one in the game you can trust 100% (maybe like one or two tops, but they'll probably be targeted for working with you).

Just saying that before you make judgments about a player's gameplay, keep in mind how different of a game it is for someone who isn't popular. I've been on both sides (still haven't won tho so not sure how I'm supposed to be so ~popular~!!!) and it used to be so easy to pull off big moves when people were actually willing to work with people like me. Not trying to discredit people who aren't popular and still play amazing games, but before you see someone like saraj10 and say "how can she be playing a good game if she keeps going up!!", consider how much easier it is for other players to get by because everyone thinks they can't beat her.

I recognize that for unpopular players, they can't afford to go up and thus the game can be harder in that regard. But it is also incredibly easy to lay low if you're unpopular and not have to play very hard, because you don't have nearly as big of a target on your back and people are actually willing to work with you.

TL;DR: If two players, one popular and one hated wanted to work with me (assuming they're both just as trustworthy/both can benefit me), I will always want to work with someone I can beat in a poll. This leaves that pop player with no one who is 100% ready to work with them because everyone's ultimate goal is to take them out. For that lesser-known person, people will always want to keep them around for some reason. So keep that in mind before making assumptions on gameplay!!


so youre telling me i should join tomorrow
Sent by donaam,May 26, 2017
LMAO reminds me of how i always won hungry hungry hippos in my household even though i'm the most hated in the family
Sent by BengalBoy,May 26, 2017
back when I wasn't popular

Implying you are now

Sent by GiGi10,May 26, 2017
bengalboy i screamed yet again :') etaco75 only halloween stands to prove you wrong lmao
Sent by captainzacsparrow,May 26, 2017
GiGi10 lmao I didn't proofread but I edited the blog bc it sounded pretentious
Sent by etaco75,May 26, 2017
i disagree only because people try to counter players they can beat in the poll
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,May 26, 2017
You're so analytical I love it
Sent by Mexus,May 26, 2017
Yesssssss etaco75 so true!! And it just shows that people who are popular and go far unnommed and shit should be credited a little bit more!! It's not easy no matter what but when you're pegged the biggest threat by the cast it's much harder to avoid the block
Sent by brandonpinzu,May 26, 2017
JayElVeeIsBack Thx for the concern! Deleted the comment bc it was rude and unnecessary and bc IDK who u are :LLLL But dont worry I added a tldr just for you buddy ;)
Sent by etaco75,May 26, 2017
This is why I always went up for 16th
Sent by Survivor8,May 26, 2017
I support you and all you are saying
Sent by saraj10,May 26, 2017

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