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7thDec 31, 2016 by etaco75
And I'll tell you why you're getting arrested

#Maxi1234 For lying about not being my boyfriend.
#2388 Because your avatar SCARED me!!!!
#koolness234 For spilling BOILING HOT TEA on the blogs page, killing the T-careers of many.
#mathboy9 I got jealous of your avatar so I called the police on u sorry :/
#Thirteen You made too many creepy blogs and the T-community got worried so they called the police on you!!!!
#bowling4fun You were in love with me but my boyfriend Maxi1234 got jealous and framed you for MURDER!!!! :0000
#ShadowBaller000 I tried to fuck with your merge streak so you got back at me by KILLING me!!
#Halloween Since you're my favorite person on this site everyone came together to get rid of you bc they were jealous of how much I love you!!!! They called the police bc you're too perfect.
AintItFun You kept getting last place in games so the police had to step in
Ethan000 You made a dumb racist blog that was literally fucking stupid lmao I still hope it was a joke I'm sorry but literally if u put an ounce of thought into what you said you'd be like "lmao wait this is stupid" I still like you as a person but that was SOO ignorant not gonna lie!
mocallio Disturbing the peace with your out-of-control afro on your avi
Jinxh I gave up on trying to pronounce your username and I didn't wanna have to keep seeing it everywhere so I called the police on you bc it just got too hard to figure that out :/
GoodAllan You nominated Halloween in Stars so he called the police on you :000
BOBROCKS333 I wanted you so badly but I knew I couldn't have you so I just sent you to jail bc if I can't have you no one can!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!
eliserose for serving looks daily
JGoodies I wanted to be you so badly that I had the two of us sent to jail so we could be together forever AWWWW!!!! :DDDDDD
nenalalala Someone was blackmailing you into gifting them so you had to kill them!!
Kelly2722 For being too perfect :*
DarkTyphoon23 For getting too much dick in 2016 :/ they had to stop u before u went crazy!!
Typhlosion37 You beat me in Stars that one time so I had to get you arrested :/ sorry
Lemjam6 See GoodAllan's
Roshy You were so close to the HoF that the person at the 20th spot called the cops on you so that they didn't have to worry about losing their spot!!
iYBF I didn't understand ur username so I had to get rid of you. I called the police on you sorry!
MrPokeguy9 You killed Halloween
LeahBel You were just about to spam your design into auctions BUT THEN the person at the #2 spot had you arrested so they could pass you!!
alwaysvictorious You stopped being victorious :(
AshleyD You were too cute and the police got jealous of you so they sent you to jail!
nothingbutrouble Duh!!! You're nothing but trouble!
Steven999 You commented something cheeky on my blog once so I had you arrested for being RUDE (I forget what it was tho lol don't worry we're good)
garrievans97 I had you arrested bc I felt threatened by you bc MY name is Evan and there can only be one Evan :/
BluJay112 You stole T$ from someone to buy male skin!!
LeahBel You evicted the wrong person in a Frooks
Mexash For being too cute duh
XxLoveWakizaxX See Roshy's
koolcoop You were too kool to handle!!
owlb0ned Ur tits were too big. Oh and also everyone on Tengaged joined together bc they were jealous of how much I LOVE u so they had u arrested.
levonini See 2388's


Sent by Maxi1234,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by 2388,Dec 31, 2016
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Sent by mathboy9,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Thirteen,Dec 31, 2016
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Sent by ShadowBaller000,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Halloween,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by AintItFun,Dec 31, 2016
ok :o
Sent by Ethan000,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by mocallio,Dec 31, 2016
Me mommy
Sent by Jinxh,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by GoodAllan,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by eliserose,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by JGoodies,Dec 31, 2016
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Sent by Kelly2722,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by DarkTyphoon23,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Typhlosion37,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 31, 2016
That doesn't answer the PYN lol
Sent by Ethan000,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Roshy,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by iYBF,Dec 31, 2016
Ethan000 that's y u got arrested!
Sent by etaco75,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by LeahBel,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by alwaysvictorious,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by AshleyD,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by nothingbutrouble,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Steven999,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by garrievans97,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by BluJay112,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by Rocketokid13,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by LeahBel,Dec 31, 2016
hehe me
Sent by Mexash,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Dec 31, 2016
me pls
Sent by koolcoop,Jan 1, 2017
Sent by owlb0ned,Jan 1, 2017
Sent by levonini,Jan 1, 2017
Kelly2722 For being too perfect :*

Where's the lie?
Sent by Kelly2722,Jan 1, 2017

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