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plus for an opinion

Jul 12, 2014 by eagle16
i will be on this for a about an hour so getting plussing and i will do everyones opinion :)

danielledonato - my canadian buddy,were to start with you? well we were like bestfriends before i left,your the most trustworthy person on this site along with a few other people,but i loved our chats the most out of everyones,you know how to put a smile on peoples faces and you dont take this game seriously which is what everyone should be like but they cant all be like you lol :P we only became friends about a month before we left but it seemed like i knew you ages,i could trust you with everything,your a really sweet person :)

thumper91 -you were my first proper bestfriend on this site,we would join every game together and were always chatting when we were online together,you are also one of the most trustworthy people on this site and you dont care about losing either,we kind of joined at the same time and thats how we got so close because we played so many fastings lol remember them.but then when i left for a while we drifted apart and we never spoke as much,played as much,but we still considered each other as friends even though we didnt really talk to eachother,you will be no.1 one day and its not because your great at games,its because your nice and that gets you far in this game no matter what anyone says,i just wished we were closer before i left but your a really great person :)

jourdanbabyxoxo -i believe we never got the chance to speak which is a shame,i bet you're really nice,i like the name of your avi btw :

onemanarmy -i remember you from somewhere,i think it was you who talked me into staying on tengaged for a while which was such a nice thing to do but it didnt last very long but your a really nice person :)

dumbginger -i never really talked to you but i remmeber seeing your name on tengaged a lot,you seem nice :)

dhucking_quacks -hey mate *mimes austrailian accent* lol,we were bestfriends for such a long time until that slut *cough* alanb1 got involved jk,lol we would play every game together and i loved playing every second together,you are like danielledonato and thumper91 and thats how we became friends cos i like to surround myself with positive people and you certainly were positive and i dont think we ever had a fight,maybe a little tiff but we got over it,your a really good singer too,you treat your friends so well but some dont treat you as well as they should so just be careful :) your 1 in a million :)

sprtsgy1989 -never really spoke to you but i know,i think we only ever talked if we were playing a frooks together and your a really good player,your really nice too :)

alanb1 -ugh i got to do this sluts opinion? you're a whore,slut,bitch lol but your a great friend lol not many friends would give the stars seat away and i know you were hesitant and took your time but you still did it and i respect you for that,i think we hated eachother,liked eachother,hated eachother,liked eachother until suddenly one day we became friends lol thats how most best friendships come from,i cant say you dont care about this game cos you are karma and t,s hungry lol,but thats okaty cos ur alan :P.your a slut :)

nikki101 -we spoke a few times but everytime we did i loved speaking to you,your a really sweet person,you helped me with my charity when i didnt really know you,i wish i had gotten to know you before i left but thats a shame,i knew we would of been good friends, :)

claud -um idk you but ive seen your name around and we have played a few frooks and rooks together,you seem nice :)

sosyomomma -i dont really know you either,but ive seen you around :)


Sent by DanielleDonato,Jul 12, 2014
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Me you bitch
Sent by alanb1,Jul 12, 2014
I'm waiting way too long omfg hurry up
Sent by alanb1,Jul 12, 2014
OMG hurry NOW
Sent by alanb1,Jul 12, 2014
That's disgusting I don't like it but whtevr ily
Sent by alanb1,Jul 12, 2014
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Sent by Claud,Jul 12, 2014
watevs alanb1 it will have to do, i can delete it if you want? lol slut
Sent by eagle16,Jul 12, 2014
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