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MAJOR TAR30/JODY Spoilers!

Oct 24, 2017 by dutchone29
Please only read this blog if you want to be spoiled on the final three teams on The Amazing Race 30 which Jessica and Cody from BB19 will compete on!


As was blogged earlier this week, Jody made the final three and therefore raced in the final leg with an opportunity to win 1 million bucks. Their opponents in the final legs are Henry and Evan (Debate teammates from Yale) and Kristi and Jen (a pair of professional skiers). The leg was run in San Francisco.

- Debaters were first to arrive at task 1, followed by Jody and the Skiers

- Jody and Debaters finished close after one another, the skiers supposedly took longer.

- Teams then went to Chinatown where the skiers were in first place, followed by Jody and then the debaters

- They went to a Fortune Cookie company where they had to make fortune cookies and find their clue inside a large cookie. Skiers still in first at this point.

- Teams then head to city hall which was lit up in TAR colours.

- After this teams were instructed to go to the final location (which was withheld). Skiers got this clue first, with the debaters about 5 minutes behind, and Jody around 5 minutes behind the debaters.

- Teams did a task at the final location so its not clear at all who has won. Skiers could have easily dropped to 3rd because of the task... it has happened before.

- 2 of 3 teams apparently forgot to pay their cab and had to settle this before finishing the race (they probably did this so their taxi can't leave them)

All spoiler sites and twitter accounts are withholding possible final placement spoilers, and since no one could actually access the finish mat there is no photo evidence of anything. Ergo, any spoilers about the final leg's results may very well be false!



I am so ready to watch This season just for a pure chance to see JODY win ugh love them.
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 24, 2017

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