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  1. It's been fun :) Adios!
  2. It has been weird
  3. PaulaDeen just asked me
  4. I won tickets!!!!!
  5. It's crazy how
  6. I caved and bought
  7. What the hell
  10. im so 3008
  11. Overusing my kindness
  12. Pinning Day
  13. Mario kart wii...
  14. Strippers going at it below
  15. Oh..
  16. Ugh I had to.
  17. A few houses down
  18. Hmmm..
  19. Should I buy
  20. Hangin outtttt!
  21. Rewatching the Talla and Gary fight
  23. Since when...!!!
  24. I went to bed cuz i was tired
  25. Are you a Jehovah Witness
  26. Watched survivor
  27. Hell's Kitchen
  28. Will I get a shop today?
  29. League of Legends
  30. A while back
  31. If you havent voted yet..
  32. Trashy or Classy
  33. wait..
  34. Thank you!!
  35. Guess I will do this too
  36. That 70s Show
  37. Hey ;)
  38. Beetlejuice
  39. Just watched survivor
  40. Shop is closed in .es

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It's been fun :) Adios! Apr 30, 2013
WOW. Its been real. Met so many amazing people and every single one of you affected me in some way. I cannot say what I wanna say to each of you individually because I know it wont be enough.

Time to pack it up and place Tengaged in the attic with the other toys

Love you guys
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It has been weird Apr 29, 2013
to not pay attention to what is going on here much
it seems like tengaged changes a lot when you arent that active
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PaulaDeen just asked me Apr 27, 2013
if i cant eat corn cuz of my religion.. just cuz i said i dont like corn
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I won tickets!!!!! Apr 25, 2013
To Kendrick and Snoop @ the Staples Center in LA!!

June 29th imma start killing some bitch's vibes 8)

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It's crazy how Apr 25, 2013
Things in life upset you soooooooo much and then when you look back at it you feel like the biggest idiot on y it affected you

I think this school year def made me realize that the shit I used to deal with is all just spilled milk, nothing to cry over
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I caved and bought Apr 24, 2013
My first pair of Sperrys today

Summer here I come!
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