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Hi tengaged

Feb 22, 2021 by doobee
I just woke up hacking up brown mucus. I’m becoming more mucus than man at this point. Will give further updates on disgusting sickness


Sent by salmaan,Feb 22, 2021
Oh crap-
Sent by ITZ3THAN,Feb 22, 2021
Sounds like a bad case of the pneumonia ✨✨
Sent by salmaan,Feb 22, 2021
salmaan everyone’s telling me it’s the weed but I didn’t smoke yesterday and I can’t even take a deep breath without coughing. God wants me dead so say your goodbyes now
Sent by doobee,Feb 22, 2021
Miss girl- weed itself doesn’t do this tho u might’ve gotten a pneumonia from smoking in which case it is time for u to get an antibiotic purr petal
Sent by salmaan,Feb 22, 2021

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