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I’m forming a political party called fuck it

Jan 19, 2021 by doobee
We’re not pro choice or pro life we’re pro abortion. You want to keep your baby well too bad ABORTED ! We advocate for the abolishment of babies. We’re not pro or anti gay marriage but we are anti marriage in general if you want to know more message me for my website


Will your party support buy one get one free abortions?
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 19, 2021
pro death
Sent by 3pi14159,Jan 19, 2021
well then join the little fuxkers!
Sent by dinosaurdan,Jan 19, 2021
Memphis_Grizzlies no we actually force mandatory abortions on all pregnancy’s we see anyone under the age of 5 as a loser and not cool enough to live
Sent by doobee,Jan 19, 2021
3pi14159 that’s a ikky work we prefer PROBORTION
Sent by doobee,Jan 19, 2021

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