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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndFeb 25, 2021 by deshonBANNEDISBACK

save me❤️


Sent by iiGalaxyii,Feb 25, 2021
king shit
Sent by iSandeh,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by yoshicoolman,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Feb 25, 2021
I fucking love you
Sent by bomberv,Feb 25, 2021
I love you
Sent by mikec51,Feb 25, 2021
Oh I loved this!! You pronounced my name right! Nobody ever does lmao.

Another key difference is he leaked things on both ends and you didn’t. I respect that more from you.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 25, 2021
You or Becksta20 need to take that crown 👑
Sent by Jessie_,Feb 25, 2021
Also I’m really loving this hoodie look... one ear showing, one ear hidden. It’s a look sis. I’m here for it. I noticed it in your other blog as well.
Sent by Jessie_,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by danyyboy67,Feb 25, 2021
❤️ GL Desh!
Sent by Becksta20,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by MrBird,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by benp428,Feb 25, 2021
Love the hair 😍
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Feb 25, 2021
I love you
Sent by Paige54,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by joey96,Feb 25, 2021
You spilled
Sent by Zoon,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by Marilise,Feb 25, 2021
i mean i am not going unnominated because i am not playing to go unnominated, but i am a great player

also you renominated people for several DCs pre-alicia/becksta going up. but plussed
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Feb 25, 2021
the pink hair and dunkin are a serve in luv w u
Sent by anthousai,Feb 25, 2021
Had to save Beck but you have my full support if you stay !
Sent by AmandaBynes,Feb 25, 2021

jacksonjoseph99 is beginning to take this game worryingly seriously
Sent by rowjone,Feb 25, 2021
such a serveeee
Sent by ItsAustin,Feb 25, 2021
love u. love the hair. love the nails.
Sent by hints,Feb 25, 2021
Not the tea sip in the beginning lol. Saved beck but will support you if you survive. Don’t know you but I love an underdog story
Sent by VanitySmurf,Feb 25, 2021
winner edit
Sent by Letal,Feb 25, 2021
i am also a great player, jacksonjoseph99
Sent by Jujubee,Feb 25, 2021
Sent by top20fan33,Feb 26, 2021

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