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  1. 20 Post Castings :3
  2. Join slow castings
  3. Tbh
  4. PYN
  5. PYN
  6. + if they should
  7. Love you too <3
  8. I thought Paul was ruining this season..
  9. I have not touched my dick
  10. Everyone check bb jokers..
  11. Thank you so muchhh....
  12. I'm back bitches
  13. Stars Support
  14. I love you :)
  15. Where can I watch bb live online? :)
  16. Tiffany is going and coming right back :)
  17. You all are stupid
  18. link me to bb live stream plzzzz
  19. Logged in
  20. I am ready to fuck someone
  21. Join slow castings
  22. neg me
  23. Can we join stars with
  24. You dont mess with a villian..
  25. Thank you sooooo much!!!
  26. How do you masterbate?
  27. Um hey
  28. Someone hug me plz
  29. I'm back bitches!!!
  30. Plz let 2 jurors return this season
  31. Shelli will come back
  32. And then this Liz bitch
  33. My current games are my last ones
  34. bb17 (minus racism) = bb15
  35. Give me top blog
  36. Unbutton my shirt plz?
  37. This is the most boring
  38. Where was brendon on jokers?
  39. Sorry to inform you tengaged..
  40. Vanessa = Dan

Um hey

Dec 1, 2015 by danio
I had no problem with you until now Meyaar I don't know why you think it's funny to make fun of someone's weight, when you spend hundreds of dollars on this website to get pixels for you and your friends. Keep my name out of your filthy ass mouth, I can do whatever the hell I want with my body. If I'm going to snap my ass to someone to get a few free survivor merges, I will. And I don't understand how my snapchats are effecting you at all???? You're the one hitting on guys half your age and I'm the bad person??????? At least I can fit my whole body in a snapchat hun!

Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Dec 1, 2015
oops, drag sis.
Sent by Nasidious,Dec 1, 2015
Sent by acyuta,Dec 1, 2015
Sent by Meyaar,Dec 1, 2015

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