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Regreting the decision Sep 25, 2023
to join stars.. No gameplay, no strategy,
I am not used to play around premades in stars.. I love to play strategic but it's not this time..
I am out. . Not gonna waste my time
Points: 0 3 comments
Stars timer countdown plz? Sep 23, 2023
Points: 22 2 comments
Blogs page was my favourite thing Jul 18, 2023
on this site.. But now seeing people making fun of death is cruel.. It shows mentality of today's generation.. Seriously shame
Points: 64 1 comments
Any update on bb25 ? Jul 17, 2023
Points: 30 3 comments
Say something Jul 9, 2023
Points: 33 1 comments
✨✨✨Congratulations✨✨✨ Jun 27, 2023
Snowglobe you are the winner 😂❤️

Mackey and littlemix disqualified for being offline..

Mail me your shops pick
Points: 48 1 comments