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  1. Lol i see some of the same blogs on here that were..
  2. What's new on here?
  3. Did anything change on here in the last month or..
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  5. Eurovision time
  6. Im too drunk to even read spam right now
  7. Say na na na
  8. I love Dana international
  9. Eurovision prediction
  10. Yall going on about merge streaks like
  11. Who is joshypoo on virtulife?
  12. who is gifting me from shops this week
  13. I feel like I made a mistake in my last stars.
  14. I just won the first game of Virtu-oh
  15. Lol I forgot I joined casting and died
  16. Virtulife is actually quite good.
  17. Also broke 18,000 karma
  18. Congrats lauren
  19. Lance Twomey
  20. I remember that tengaged was to expire
  21. Stars finals blog
  22. Who wants to invade virtulife with me?
  23. Does anyone know what stars number this is?
  24. My neighbours are literally so annoying
  25. Is virtulife good?
  26. She turned me straight
  27. Straight men on tengaged
  28. Frooks or nah?
  29. Hsieh Su-Wei Style is now closed.
  30. Im excited for Eurovision
  31. Ty tengaged
  32. Bitches really be telling me they didnt nom me
  33. No shade but some of you guys
  34. Lmfao there is only 3 top trending people.
  35. Shops are way too much drama
  36. I am disappointed.
  37. I have a confession
  38. Why is it everytime I look at the blogs page
  39. Can anyone help me gift stock later in the week?
  40. My first stars

Yall going on about merge streaks like

May 14, 2019 by damo1990
Its the fucking end of the world. Lets not lie, 1 or 2 people are playing all of your comps and bitches be going on about having 20 odd merge streaks, so if you arent doing your own comps are you really winning at all?

I honestly would get bored if i cared about it enough to let people play my comps, because the whole reason I join is to play the comps and to play with people who I consider friends, or to meet some new friends :)


That’s why I play lol like it’s not that serious to have people on your account
Sent by Thumper91,May 14, 2019
Sent by zakisaboss,May 14, 2019
zakisaboss this isnt directed at her, just people in general who make ott blogs about survivor merge streaks, and tbh, most of this site aint playing their own comps at the minute. I have had people offer to do mine, but would rather get a lower score than give out my account details and cheat.
Sent by damo1990,May 14, 2019

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